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Cast Your Vote for the 18th Old Building New Life Awards!

     The 18th Old Building New Life Awards was established by the Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office (URO) as an old building revival event. The competing themes consist of three different categories for renewal and maintenance: “Residential”, “Non-residential”, and “Community Space (includes open spaces).” 
     The winner will receive a total prize of NT$400,000. The open competition attracted almost 50 submissions – mostly cases of unique old building renewals.
     The award includes a special prize for online votes starting from today. All citizens are invited to vote for the revived old building that they love the most. Those who participate in the poll have a chance to receive a specially designed gift made by the developer. Only a total of 100 gifts are available, claim one while the stock still lasts!
     URO pointed out that for this year, the Old Building New Life Awards will focus on the relationship between the community and old buildings rather than pure renovation or extending service span. More importantly, the revived building should operate in a way that serves peoples’ daily lives. Therefore, some of the revived buildings participating in the contest this year have broken out of traditional thinking, some extend existing spaces for innovative renovation, and some others operate to benefit the community and establish a positive connection between the residence and the area.
     For example, the Ankang Public Housing renewal project has included an accessible escalator, a sky corridor, and garden landscaping to improve the living quality of low-income families. The revival also serves as an example to all 4 or 5 floors-tall old buildings in Taipei. Many of them are applying for the renewal scheme.
     Who will be the winner? The award will be presented at the ceremony slated for January 29, 2019 (Tuesday) 2PM at Shuxin Hall of Nishi Honganji (Western Temple) (No. 174, Section 1, Zhonghua Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City). “Vote in the old building renewal event to win a gift in the lucky draw” The online poll event starts from January 3 to January 17 and lasts for 15 days only. Every day each voter can cast one vote. Please visit the official website to support your favorite old building. For more event information please visit the official website (https://www.taipeiface.com/) or search for “Old Building New Life Awards” on Facebook.