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Taipei’s Boundless Culinary Creativity: Mango Shaved Ice Is a Must for Tourists

Taipei’s Boundless Culinary Creativity: Mango Shaved Ice Is a Must for TouristsYongkang Street Mango Shaved Ice: Hallowed Ground for Foodies

The QingTian 76 menu is filled up with sophisticated seasonal desserts and foods./Sugarcane Wine is a marriage of coffee and sugarcane juice that results in a unique taste-bud experience.Even when the wind is blowing and the rain is falling, or when the weather is biting cold, there is a steady flow of travelers at 15 Yongkang Street. This shop is filled with those enthusiastic about consuming a heaping bowl of mango shaved ice. In the past, this was the location of the famed Yongkang 15 shaved-ice shop. Today, it is home to Smoothie House (思慕昔). Though the facade and interior may have changed, and to a certain degree the taste, what has remained the same is this shop’s tremendous popularity. Taiwanese possess boundless culinary creativity. A prime example is the blending of mango with snowflake ice. A medley of other fresh Taiwan fruits is then heaped on top, and the concoction is covered with rich, mellow panna cotta. It looks amazing and tastes even better, with a moist, creamy texture that is pure delight.

QingTian 76, a tucked-away spot within the city core, serves up a dining space perfect for quiet relxation. (Photo by Pan Junlin)QingTian 76 – The Stories of the Past Brew a Sweet Melody

The building that is today home to QingTian 76 (青田七六) was originally one of the residential housing units provided for National Taiwan University (then the Taihoku Imperial University) faculty members during the Japanese era. It was originally built for Japanese professor Masashi Adachi. Later it became the residence of Professor Ma Tingying (馬廷英), father of renowned writer Liang Xuan (亮軒). In recent times, it has undergone a transformation, and is today a quiet, secluded restaurant. It is hard to imagine that a place such as this – a work of Japanese architecture so simple and rustic, yet so memorable – can exist in the heart of busy Taipei. The restaurant, which serves refined seasonal desserts and foods, is a great place to sit back and relax.

Masashi Adachi was a professor in Taihoku Imperial University’s School of Agriculture and Forestry, engaged in the study of soil microbiology. He made many important contributions to Taiwan’s cane-sugar industry. In commemoration, QingTian 76 has specially introduced a unique beverage called “Sugarcane Wine” (蔗之醇), a sweet collision of iced drip coffee and natural sugarcane juice with a wholly original taste.


Smoothie House (main branch): MRT Dongmen Station, Exit 5, walk approximately 5 minutes
QingTian 76: MRT Dongmen Station, Exit 5, walk approximately 15 minutes

Smoothie House is a Taipei must-visit mango shaved ice shop with both local and international travelers.