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Announcing the 2016 Taipei New Year's Eve Countdown Party! Experience a warm New Year’s Eve with Free Hugs!

Announcing the 2016 Taipei New Year's Eve Countdown Party! Experience a warm New Year’s Eve with Free Hugs!Source: Department of Information and Tourism

On December 2, Taipei City Government held a press conference for Taipei New Year's Eve Countdown Party at Xinyi Shopping District. The press conference announced the start for a series of events leading up to New Year’s Eve Bash. This year, besides the New Year’s Eve performances, related events include “Hug2016Taipei” activity, shopping district promotion event, folk music concert and Christmas event at Discovery Center of Taipei, and others. Moreover, the Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) of Taipei City Government invited business owners of stores in Xinyi Shopping District to celebrate New Year together. A variety of decorations including Christmas lightings and Christmas tree will bring the holiday atmosphere to both tourists and residents in Taipei City. During the press conference, Commissioner Chien Yu-yen of Department of Information presided over the opening ceremony with celebrities Aaron Yen and Bii. They announced the official start of the New Year’s Eve series.

Chien notes that, thanks to the hard work of event co-organizer Sanlih E-Television, the performance at the New Year’s Eve will be really exciting. Taipei New Year's Eve Countdown Party has become a special brand of Taipei since 2004. Meanwhile, she expressed her gratitude to friends from Xinyi Shopping District for decorating the surrounding areas and making it attractive for Asian tourists. While we embrace the New Year arrival, TPEDOIT will also be organizing a series of event which brings a unique New Year’s Eve atmosphere. Please open your arms, and hug the person besides you to share your love. By hugging each other, Taipei will become a “warmer” city.

Countdown party cast

Celebrities Aaron Yen and Bii have been chosen as representatives of the “Hug2016Taipei” activity. Yen said, “I am really happy to be one of the representatives of ‘Hug2016Taipei’. As a celebrity, it is my responsibility to bring people positive energy. And I hope my hug can make people feel warmer and happier”. Bii also expressed the same thoughts as he believes this is a meaningful event. At the press conference, Yen and Bii made the first hug for this activity and encouraged everyone to join the campaign. By participating in the “Hug2016Taipei” activity, photos of people’s ‘hugging moments’ may be displayed on the big screen of Taipei New Year's Eve Countdown Party. Furthermore, celebrities have encouraged their fans to upload photos of their hugs to social networks, hence to spread warmth and joy across Taipei by the power of the internet community. Taipei New Year's Eve Countdown Party has always been the most popular New Year’s Eve activity around Taiwan. Taipei city will be filled with New Year’s atmosphere. Meanwhile, the organizer will hold the “Peerless Talent Taipei Gramophone” music concerts, which are the warm-up events for New Year’s Eve Bash. There will be three concerts in total. The first concert, “Dream of Taipei” will take place on December 5 at Six Arts Square next to Dalongtong Bao’an Temple. Music from classic movies will be performed at the site. The second concert, “Nakasi of Taipei” will be held on December 12 at Bangka Park. Classic Taiwan songs will be played. The third concert, “Folk music of Taipei” will kick-off on December 19 at Fountain Plaza of Taipei 101. The public are invited to come and enjoy famous folk songs. These concerts represent Taipei’s evolution of music from different eras.


Countdown Night FireworksMoreover, to establish the atmosphere of New Year’s Eve, there will be various special events held around Xinyi Shopping District throughout the month of December. These include: Hankyu Christmas City from November 19 to January 4; Star Wars – Tunnel of Force and lightsaber from November 24 to January 5; Dating App –Christmas tree on Iceberg and Union Bank of Taiwan Cute Chinese Zodiac from December 9 to January 10. In the meantime, iWalker and S.PoP magazines will also release 2016 New Year special section, which will contain tour guide of Xinyi Shopping District and 20 coupons for various stores. This year JKOS app has integrated a number of promotion events spanning various restaurants. For more details of New Year’s Eve Bash, please visit Travel.Taipei website or Facebook fan page.

Meanwhile, from December 15 to December 27, the Discovery Center of Taipei will host the “Christmas Jingle: Carol of happiness” event. Along with Christmas decorations, gifts will be given away by Santa Claus at the Christmas Wish Wall. Furthermore, on December 19 and December 20, there will be a “Christmas Lady” telling stories; on Christmas Eve (December 24), carols will be performed by Santa Claus; on December 26, an un-plug music concert will take place. Please come and enjoy a different type of Christmas atmosphere. For details, please call the 1999 Citizen Hotline: 1999 (For callers outside Taipei City please dial 02-27208889) ext. 8629.

http://2016.newyear.taipei/ (Chinese)