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Teacher’s Day Ceremony at Taipei Confucius Temple: Free Tickets Available Starting September 15

Teacher’s Day Ceremony at Taipei Confucius Temple: Free Tickets Available Starting September 15Taipei City Government will be holding the Teacher’s Day ceremony at the Taipei Confucius Temple to celebrate the 2565 birthday of the great teacher Confucius on Monday, September 28.

According to the Department of Civil Affairs (DCA), Taipei’s celebration includes the most well-preserved ceremony, including a national level “Three Consecrations” ritual. Each year, the ceremony at Taipei Confucius Temple attracts over one thousand visitors from both Taiwan and abroad to pay their respect to the greatest educator in Chinese history. This year, the city government will be giving away free admission tickets to the ceremony. Two kinds of pass will be available – the memorial ritual on September 27 and the memorial ceremony on September 28. Passes will be given away between September 15 and 17.

A total of 300 tickets are available for each of the respective events. Each individual can acquire a maximum of two tickets. The admission pass is free of charge.

The special souvenir given away to participants of this year’s ceremony includes a small book bag bearing the seal of the legendary kirin. According to stories, the birth of Confucius was accompanied by signs of the sacred beast bearing a jade scroll with its maw. In addition, the kirin also symbolizes the concept of “ren (benevolence)” which plays a central role in Confucius’ philosophy.

conclusion of confucius ceremonyA total of 1,500 book bags will be given away at the events.

Admission Ticket Giveaway Location: Taipei Confucius Temple
Address: No. 275, Dalong Street, Datong District
Date: September 15 – 17
Time: 9 AM – Noon, 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Note: Regarding group admission tickets for agencies, schools, NGOs and other organizations, please contact the Taipei Confucius Temple directly. A total of 200 group admission tickets are available. Group tickets are given away between September 15 and 18.

Note: A total of 100 admission tickets for each of the respective events are given away on site on the day at entry time.

Entry time for Ritual on September 27: 3 PM – 3:30 PM
Entry time for Ceremony on September 28: 5:30 AM – 6 AM

Participants are also reminded of the following: (1) No entry for individuals under the age of 10. (2) Respectable attire. No food or drink. (3) Remain in the designated spectators’ area. Remain silent during the ceremony. No admission once the ceremony begins. (4) There will be no seats at the venue during the ceremonies. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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