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2020 Yangmingshan Flower Festival: Continuing the Floriculture Celebrations in Taipei

Exhibition period:February 15 - March 22, 2020
2020 Yangmingshan Flower Festival The spring of 2020 sees the holding of two major floriculture events. One of them is the Neihu LOHAS Cherry Blossom Festival which highlights nighttime sakura viewing. The other is the 2020 Yangmingshan Flower Festival, which showcases the natural beauty of Yangmingshan. The Public Works Department (PWD) held a press conference announcing the two events on January 22. For the Neihu LOHAS Cherry Blossom Festival, the lightings next to the rows of sakura trees at the LOHAS Park will activated starting the evening of February 2, and will last all the way through March 1. Walking along the riverbank next to LOHAS Park after sunset allows visitors to enjoy the view of pink cherry blossoms which stands out against the backdrop of the evening sky.

Following the event in Neihu, the 2020 Yangmingshan Flower Festival will also kick-off on February 15 and last through March 22. On the opening date of the flower festival, several performance troupes have been invited by city hall to herald spring to Taipei. During the event period, the organizers will hold events such as the Grass Mountain Carnival, Flower Dance Competition, and Cherry Blossom Explorer King. We welcome the public to come to Yangmingshan and enjoy the energetic atmosphere.

According to PSLO Floriculture Experiment Center Director Sung Fu-hua, the Yangming Park will serve as the venue for a parade and carnival during the 228 long weekend. Members of the public are invited to come to Yangmingshan and enjoy the great outdoors. Also, to attract more young people to the Flower Festival, the organizers held the first Yangmingshan Flower Dance Competition in 2019. The opening press event invited the champions of last year’s contest to demonstrate their skills. This year, the second edition of the competition will be held on March 14. We welcome all aspiring talents to compete for the top honor.

The Cherry Blossom King Explorer event slated for March 21 will have “game stages” at locations such as the Flower Clock, Fountain, Wang Yang-ming Statue, Guangfu Tower, and Li Chien-hsing Memorial Plaque. Those who successfully complete all the challenge will be able to exchange for a special plant bonsai bottle at the information desk. The city government will also be giving away a special limited-edition stamp-collection bookmark, which can be used as a discount coupon for dining at nearby shops by completing the stamp rally. For those who are too late to grab one of these bookmarks, do not worry! You can download discount coupons from the event website as well.

Another attraction at the Yangmingshan Flower Festival this year is the public art installation “Nest Surrounding” at the Flower Clock Plaza. Sponsored and designed by Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Company and Awesome Group, the edifice is based upon the concept of a bird’s nest. Through manipulation of natural light and shadows, the structure is an experimental structure which sooths visitors with the changing lights of the environment. Do not miss this location of interest when you visit the Yangming Park during the flower season.

To celebrate the arrival of spring, both the 2020 Neihu LOHAS Cherry Blossom Festival and the 2020 Yangmingshan Flower Festival will take place at their respective venues in the month of February. We invite the public to take part in Taipei’s major cherry blossom-viewing event and to enjoy the feeling of happiness brought by the sakura flowers! Of course, for flower enthusiasts, the flower season will continue with the Taipei Rose Show and Calla Lily Festival in March. Come with friends and family members to admire the beauty of blooms in Taipei City!

2020 Yangmingshan Flower Festival
Venue: Beitou Yangming Park (Address: No. 26, Section 2, Hushan Road, Beitou District, Taipei City)

Public Transportation:

  1. Take the MRT to MRT Shipai Station and transfer to buses S8 or 128 (128 operates only on weekends and holidays) to get to the Yangmingshan Park Service Center stop.
  2. Take the MRT to MRT Beitou Station and transfer to bus S9 or 129 (129 operates only on weekends and holidays) to get to the Yangmingshan Park Service Center stop.
  3. Take the MRT to MRT Jiantan Station and transfer to bus R5, 260 (limited or Flower Clock Line), or 1717 to get to the Yangmingshan Bus Terminal. Proceed on foot along Hushan Road for 20 minutes to reach the destination.