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2019 Hakka in the Alley Kicks off in Style!

Exhibition period:August 30 – October 18, 2019

108 Hakka in the Alley event

The 2019 Hakka in the Alley event has officially commenced! For the event this year, the Hakka Affairs Commission has planned a total of 12 hakka-themed cultural performances taking place across all 12 administrative districts between August 30 and October 18.

The performances will comprise Hakka pop music, classical Hakka folk songs, traditional plays, Chinese comedy skit, glove puppetry show, and A Cappella concert. Furthermore, the audience will have a chance to listen to Golden Melody Award winners, including Emily Kuan, Hsieh Yu-wei, Huang Tse-hsuan, and Slow Train. These wonderful talents will bring the best Hakka shows and music to the alleys in Taipei – so you won’t have to travel far to enjoy the performances!

Aside from the shows, visitors will find activities such as DIY painting and Hakka knowledge lessons at the event venue, as well as raffles offering grand prizes such as a 42-inch television set!

Diversified Hakka Cultural Performance for All
The Hakka in the Alley event has been held for many years, and every edition of the festival have received public acclaim. According to Hakka Affairs Commissioner Xu Shi-xun: “There are currently over 500,000 Hakka people living in Taipei City. In recent years, the activities organized by the Hakka Affairs Commission has received positive feedback and support from this group. It has become one of the most anticipated event for the local Hakka population as well.

This year, Hakka in the Alley has increased the number of performances from seven to twelve, hoping to offer city dwellers an opportunity to enjoy the showcase while getting to know their neighbors and indulge in the finest Hakka cultural elements. Furthermore, to encourage Hakka culture to take root among the younger generation, the organizers also offer activities spanning hands-on experience of Hakka culture and Hakka dialect lessons.

Cross Discipline Performances, Close Distance Interaction, and Art Heritage
There are numerous performers taking part in this year’s event, with expertise spanning many Hakka classics. The opening event will take place at Dunan Park in Daan District on August 30 with Hakka Jazz musician and Golden Melody Award veteran Emily Kuan. The events also spotlight celebrities including Huang Tse-hsuan and Slow Train, Hsieh Yu-wei, DaBangNi, SanGouDaHouSheng, VOX, and B-max. In addition, Jingsheng Opera will highlight the beauty of the Hakka dialect through a staged performance, while the Shan Puppet Theater and Playpuppet Theatre will charm parents and kids alike with their glove puppetry performances. Led by Tang Chuan, the Baodao Hakka Talk and Performance Group will guide the audience through a series of skit and songs for a better understanding of the difference between Hakka and other dialects. Furthermore, the Guangfu Chinese Music Orchestra and other local groups supported by the Hakka Affairs Council will take to the stage with outstanding shows that will entertain the residents with Hakka-themed performances.

Great Chance for Fun and Learning! Astounding Prizes include 42-inch Television!
Aside from the shows, there will be stalls offering services and lessons ranging from DIY paper umbrella painting to interactive lessons on related Hakka topics to give young visitors a chance to learn more about Hakka culture. For this year’s event, the organizer has also produced an inflatable mascot “Hakka Beauty” which is available to accompany visitors to take a selfie at the venue. After taking the photo, the visitor will receive a reusable shopping bag made from Hakka pattern cloth. Also, for those who attended three or more performances out of the twelve sessions, they will have a chance to bring home a 42-inch television!.

For more information on the performances, please visit the Chinese website of the event (www.2019taipeihakka.com.tw), or look up 客家就在巷子裡 on Facebook for the latest updates.