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Yozakura Viewing at the 2020 Neihu LOHAS Cherry Blossom Festival

Exhibition period:February 2 - March 1, 2020
2020 Neihu LOHAS Cherry Blossom Festival The 2020 Neihu LOHAS Cherry Blossom Festival kicked off on February 2! The month-long event, taking place between February 2 and March 1, spotlights the blooming cherry blossoms at LOHAS Park in Neihu. Visitors can enjoy various kinds of sakura flowers, including Taiwan cherry and Showa cherry. Don’t miss this opportunity to appreciate the beauty of springtime!

Approximately half of the cherry blossom trees in LOHAS park has bloomed, heralding the approach of spring along the banks of Neigou River. The riverside is lined with rows of trees sporting pink, red, and white flowers. The enchanting landscape is the results of efforts by enthusiastic volunteers from the local greening and beautification association. Parks and Street Lights Office Director Chen Jung-hsing expressed his gratitude to the members of the community who have spent years cultivating and caring for the plants. Their hard work allows citizens to enjoy the scenic blooms in February every year.

The opening event of the festival took place on February 2, with community performance groups in Donghu taking to the stage starting at 5 PM. Mesmerizing music by the Donghu Elementary School Chamber Orchestra – a favorite at national tournaments – concluded the show part, continuing to the official kickoff of the 2020 Neihu LOHAS Cherry Blossom Festival. Dignitaries activated an orb which lighted up the entire cherry blossom forest inside the park.

Director Song Fu-hua of PSLO’s Floriculture Experiment Center remarked that in addition to offering guided tours of the park led by volunteers on a daily basis, artists from International Dreams Art Collective will also teach visitors how to make well-wish lanterns from recycled and environmental-friendly materials during the LOHAS Cherry Blossom Festival. Furthermore, the festival organizer collaborated with shops in the neighborhood to offer various discounts and bargains to visitors. More details are available at the event’s Facebook fan page.

A number of holiday activities will also take place in the afternoon of Saturday, February 22. For those who are confident enough to brave challenges and contests, they have a chance to bring home limited cherry blossom pencil boxes and various prizes. With nightfall, visitors can enjoy an outdoor movie in front of the big screen at the “Flower Romance Theater”, featuring the live-action adaptation of Aladdin. Why not bring your loved ones or your family members to the park and enjoy the show while basking in the cool evening breeze?

For event details, please visit the Chinese Facebook fan page of the event.

February is the month marking the end of winter and beginning of spring, as well as a perfect time to sit back and relax. Rumors pointed out that more than one individual have found their romantic interest at LOHAS Park: There are even couples who ended up walking hand-in-hand to the chapel. Take advantage of the short-lived cherry blossom season and enjoy this great time together!

To minimize the risk of spread of the 2019 Coronavirus (Wuhan virus), in addition to reminding visitors to wear face masks when they visit the LOHAS Park, the organizers have also banned stalls offering food and dining at the venue.

2020 Neihu LOHAS Cherry Blossom Festival
Venue: Neihu LOHAS Park ()
(To help reduce carbon emission, visitors are encouraged to take the MRT or use other forms of public transportation)

How to Get There:
Neihu LOHAS Park
MRT: The park is a nine-minute walk from MRT Donghu Station
1) The following buses arrive at Donghu Community Stop (53, 281, 287, 630, 646, S1, BR19, BL12, and BL51). The park is a 2-minute walk from the bus stop.
2) The following buses arrive at Donghu Elementary School Stop (203, 284, 629, 677, 711, 896, 903, BL36, BR19, Neihu M. Bus and R2). The venue is a 5-minute walk from the bus stop.