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Old Urban Districts Become New Urban Highlights Through the Revival of Local Industry

Old Urban Districts Become New Urban Highlights Through the Revival of Local IndustryIn the middle to late 1980s, a financial, corporate and technological boom in Taipei was accompanied by lifestyle and industrial transformations. As the city’s core shifted east and industry left Dadaocheng, a once flourishing and glowing area went into decline. Today, however, renewed focus is being placed on this once forgotten older section of the city. International enterprises, youth entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative industries, and new brands are clamoring to build a presence here. Finding ways of regenerating this area while preserving its unique character has become an issue of utmost importance for the city government.


Four Major Plans – Reviving Local Industry


The Department of Economic Development has created four plans to revive local industry:“ The Dalongdong Commercial Corner Revitalization Plan,” “The Dadaocheng Creative Lifestyle Industrial Development Plan,”“ The Revival of the Iron and Wood Streets Plan” and “The Subsidy Plan to Increase Industrial Business Opportunities in Commercial Districts.” The plans, which will take into account local characteristics and prior development, will target eight commercial areas: Dalongdong, Daqiaotou-Yansan, Chaoyang Clothing Accessory Area (朝陽服飾材料街), the area behind Taipei Main Station, Huayin Street (華陰街), Ningxia (寧夏), Yuanshan (圓山) and Dadaocheng, as well as the industrial roads of Iron Street (打鐵街) and Wood Street (木材街). Through case guidance and proposal subsidies, they will assist these areas in reaching their full potential while also boosting value in the local industries. The estimated benefits include an additional 100,000 yearly visits by tourists and shoppers, a 10 percent increase in business revenues, and the creation of 1,000 job opportunities among start-ups, particularly in youth-run businesses.

There are a plethora of food options in the Dalong Night Market (大龍街夜市).The Yongle Fabric Market (永樂布市) is known far and wide.

Regeneration of Traditional Industries – Creating Twin Urban Centers in Northern and Southern Datong


Regeneration of traditional industries in Datong will be carried out with the goal of creating twin local urban centers. The first, to the north, will provide a rich food and beverage experience with restaurants, stalls and night markets centered on Dalongdong. The second, centered around Dadaocheng to the south, will be an area dedicated to handcrafted goods and artisans and will feature everything from clothing accessories and fabrics to ironworks and woodworks.


Flora Expo Park/Taipei Main Station – Two New Youth Startup Bases


Taiwan Startup Stadium (台灣新創競技場), formerly the Taipei Expo Park Complex International Innovative Startups Park) and Taipei Main Station (台北車站) will serve as youth startup bases for northern and southern Datong. The former, TSS, is a cooperative venture with the National Development Council, Executive Yuan (行政院國發會) that will serve as a home base for innovative Taiwan-based startups. With a focus on domestic and international markets, it will offer courses in innovation, startup activities, consultation services and media publicity as it assists innovative and high-value startups to quickly grow in the global marketplace.


In addition, spread over 22,000 square meters of space on floors 3-6 of Taipei Main Station, a youth entrepreneurial space, called Taipei Main Station City, will offer a platform for entrepreneurial exchanges, a study center, and exhibition and performance spaces. Through the establishment of youth entrepreneurial spaces in northern and southern Datong, an excellent startup environment will grow and contribute to the creation of new job opportunities and stronger local industries.

Accessories and materials at the Chaoyang Clothing Accessory AreaLeather accessories from the area behind Taipei Main Station/Huayin<br/>Street commercial area