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2019 EXIT Music Festival: Showcasing Xinzhongshan Linear Park between MRT Zhongshan, Shuanglian Stations

Exhibition period:November 9 - December 29, 2019

Yeah, Zhongshan a good play poster.

To boost the awareness of the newly created “Xinzhongshan” Linear Park located between MRT Zhongshan Station and MRT Shuanglian Station, the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) has selected the facility as the venue for this year’s EXIT Music Festival! The event will take place between November 9 through December 29.

During this period, visitors will have a chance to experience 5 themed flea markets, 4 musical concerts, and 3 impressive public art installations.

The “Xinzhongshan” activity series will feature concerts, culture and handicraft flea markets, and street performers while working with stores and restaurants in the neighborhood to highlight the unique charms of Xinzhongshan Linear Park. On November 9, the organizers invited KU Ku Yao-wei to bring his fans on a visit to the park and flea market. They also invite the public to take selfies and check-in online for a chance to win a special color candy handmade by Ku.

Fun at the Xinzhongshan will take place between November 9 and December 29. There will be 5 major attractions during this period at the Xinzhongshan Linear Park located between MRT Zhongshan Station and MRT Shuanglian Station, including the “Xinzhongshan Stage,” “Revelers’ Coffee Drink,” “Moonlight Forest,” “Jazz Plaza,” and “Green Slope and Star Bridge.” The major theme will focus on quality life and fine food and dining. Perhaps you will encounter talented street performers, explore the excitement-filled flea market, or enjoy the experience of wandering around the many food and drink stalls in the neighborhood.

Every weekend during the period, the “Xinzhongshan Stage” and “Moonlight Forest” will attract large number of people, with street entertainers such as bubble clown, bubble man, female acrobats, and cute mascots performing at the plaza and its surroundings. On November 16 and 23, as well as December 14 and 21, there will be special street performances at the site. The L’Enfant S. Physical Theatre, known for their excellent mime shows, is sure to make onlookers laugh and smile. Meanwhile, F.E.E.L will bring their unique music works combining folk music and soft music. The members of Okuma Integration Creativity Studio will integrate mascot costumes with LED drums and magic show to present unforgettable stage shows. The YIXIN Creative Entertainment Studio – an all rounded performance troupe – will present a fantasy version of a Venetian circus merging elements of pop culture.

Furthermore, the flea market will feature stalls ranging from original cuisine to merchandise, satisfying those who love to explore or to taste fine cuisine. For starters, food trucks such as River&Truck, Scratch Burger, and Guru House offer choices ranging from pizza to ethnic cuisine to pan fried eggroll to cocktails. The stall Shrimp and Shrimp Days provides Taiwanese original style shrimp cuisine and crab-shaped butter cakes. Tanuki Li 66 Tanuki and Aha burgers boast classical handmade beef burgers and spicy pork buns which uses fresh vegetables, Australian beef, and Taiwan’s quality pork to entice gourmets. Walk Barista and Bingdi Coffee enchants their customers with drip coffee with fine control over factors such as strength and flavor to satisfy those with picky tastes. Chou Show Show Handmade Cake display pastries made from quality French cultured butter, Japanese flour, and Taiwan-grown fruits, which offers customers delicious sweets made from natural ingredients.

TRTC is confident that the activities of the 2019 Exit Music Festival – taking place on November 16, 23, and December 7 and featuring pop star and bands – will allow spectators to enjoy a great time.

The Xinzhongshan Linear Park spans the stretch of greens between MRT Zhongshan Station and MRT Shuanglian Station. The facility takes up an area of 1.96 hectares, from the northern tip bordering Mingshan West Road all the way to Nanjing West Road in the south. The scope of the park’s design incorporates the public spaces and stores along Zhongshan Underground Book Street, the greens between the two MRT stations, the underground plaza behind the TRTC Administration Building, and Zhongshan Metro Mall Jazz Plaza. The green corridor is home to potential spotlights of future urban spaces.

As a reminder, to ensure that all citizens have access to a safe walking and exercise environment, the park is off-limits to both bicycles and motorcycles. There are signs in the park highlighting this policy, and violators may be fined between NT$600 and NT$1,800 according to the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act. In compliance with the city government’s objective of creating a smoking-free environment, no smoking signs are painted onto the curbs inside the park to remind smokers not to light their cigarette in the vicinity.

For more information, please visit the activity website (https://taipeimetroday.com.tw/) or TRTC’s website (https://www.metro.taipei/). For those who prefer to call, contact TRTC’s 24-hour customer service hotline (TEL:02-218-12345) or the 1999 Citizen’s Hotline (TEL: 02-2720-8889 for callers outside Taipei City).