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All-Night Art Performances at Taipei Nuit Blanche

All-Night Art Performances at Taipei Nuit BlancheAs the first capital city in Asia to organize the Nuit Blanch event, Taipei City seeks to connect with the international community and implement the concept of a “guerrilla tactics” mobile art event to highlight the city as a museum, as well as showcasing Taiwan’s potential in design to emphasize Taipei’s unique city characteristics.

The early history of Taipei was centered on Dadaocheng. Following the footsteps of the early residents of Taipei, the pioneers founded the old North Gate and headed down Chongqing South Road, creating a “Lane of City’s Memories” which outlines Taipei’s development. Therefore, the curators of the 2016 Taipei Nuit Blanche seeks to transform the old city center into the main stage of the event, spotlighting the streets and alleys in the vicinity of the North Gate.

The participants will enjoy walking down the historical Dihua Street, savoring the essence from the “Book Street” along Chongqing South Road, or taking a short rest at the 228 Peace Memorial Park and National Taiwan Museum. Through the Nuit Blanche event, we seek to bring forth the old landmarks into today’s world. By emphasizing the historical significance of these relics to enhance the atmosphere of a city with traditions, we seek to bring the audience on a tour spanning Taipei’s politics, culture, history, and industry. Through this art exhibition, the share memories of Taipei’s residents will boost the city’s appeal by displaying the charms of both tradition and urban life. 

Taipei at NightLight up Taipei’s Night with 27 Interactive Shows, 21 Artworks

Taipei is a place with ongoing city life around the clock, 365-days a year. Endless stories occur at street corners. The traffic at the North Gate circle and Zhongxiao West Road rarely dies down, being a link between Taipei City and New Taipei City. Continuous streams of mail trucks enter and leave the Beimen Post Office, serving the residents of Taipei City. The streets in the vicinity of the North Gate – Boai Street and Nanyang Street – joins hands in lighting up the city, reminding citizens of the time with changing street and billboard lightings.

During the night of Nuit Blanche, the city will turn into an art gallery, with city government spaces and museum becoming exhibition grounds. The organizers have invited international artists and performance groups to stage 27 interactive events related with illumination and 21 works of art to implement the 24-hour transformation of Taipei into the grounds for a living art project. The topics of Taipei Nuit Blanche span “Museum of Betrayal,” “Beyond Time South Road,” “Between Back to the Future,” “Falling in Love with the City,” to “A Play of Dadaocheng.”

Implementing the theme of “Night Parade of Art,” the Taipei Nuit Blanche integrates art, architecture, multimedia, event promotion, and Taiwan’s pop music culture to create an exhibition through social catering. It merges the dimensions of society, public space, art, and region to produce a party that belongs to Taipei residents, urban landscape, and public art, unveiling new imaginations for Taipei’s future.

About Nuit Blanche:

Galactic ArchitectNuit Blanche is an annual all-night arts festival on the first Saturday night of October originated from Paris. The Paris city hall invites the public to explore new aspect and depth of the city they live in by making contemporary art accessible to mass and diverse audience. Exhibitions, contemporary art, performances, multimedia projections, concerts dance, interactive events… the most creative ideas of artists and designers from all over the world to turn Paris into the most cutting edge cultural event.

It’s a free cultural event deeply embedded with urban innovation and public space design. Helsinki, the capital of Finland saw the potential of Nuit Blanche in revival the city, became the second city to establish its Night of the Arts, when every gallery, museum, and bookshop is open until midnight or later and the whole city becomes one giant performance venue.

The success of Nuit Blanche had led over 120 world capitals to organize their own Nuit Blanche. From Europe to Toronto, Egypt, and Melbourne. Each year, new cities become candidates for the event. This year, Taipei is joining the worldwide celebration of creativity and hosting our very first Nuit Blanche to showcase and transform the city in the most surprising and exceptional ways.

Taipei Nuit Blanche Date & Time: 6 PM, October 1 (Sat.) – 6 AM, October 2 (Sun.)
Activity Route: 228 Peace Memorial Park – Chongqing S. Road – Zhongxiao W. Road – North Gate – Tacheng Road – Dadaocheng

Taiwan Color Stage TruckWebsite: http://nuitblanche.taipei/