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Matsuyama Mikoshi-clashing Parade to Take Place in Taipei November 1-3

Exhibition period:November 1-3, 2019

Japan’s Matsuyama City’s Great God Sedan’s Prayer Ceremony

As a symbol of strengthened relationship between Taipei City and Matsuyama City, the Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) will celebrate the 5-year anniversary of friendship exchange MOU between the two municipalities by inviting its Japanese counterpart to hold a mikoshi (portable shrine) clashing parade lasting from November 1 through 3 in Taipei.

Sharing the same Chinese characters Song and Shan (pronounced Matsu and yama in Japanese, respectively), Taipei and Matsuyama began exchanges back in 2009. In October of 2014, the two municipalities inked a MOU to strengthen exchanges for both sides. The results of interactions of the two cities can be seen in areas such as tourism, sports, culture, industry, and education, as well as through events such as Taipei Lantern Festival, Taipei International Dragon Boat Festival, Taipei Marathon, and Ehime Marathon.

According to Matsuyama Mayor Katsuhito Noshi, to commemorate the 5 year anniversary of the signing of friendship MOU with Taipei, the renowned Matsuyama Grand Mikoshi – Dogo Hachimachi Shrine-clashing and Blessing Ceremony will take place in Taipei between November 1 and 3. We welcome residents of Mastuyama to come and cheer for the crew from Matsuyama, as well as taking this opportunity to experience what Taipei has to offer in tourism and fine cuisine. According to the head representative Nishioka of the Association of Isaniwa Shrine, Yu Shrine, and Hachimachi, the previous two mikoshi-clashing events received widespread acclaim among locals, while the staff participating in the activity can all feel the passion and interest of the spectators at the event. He is extremely happy that the mikoshi-clashing event will be reenacted in Taipei once again.

Boasting 400 years of history and one of the major festivities in Autumn in Mastuyama, the city’s famous portable shrine clashing event is held between October 5 and 7. Spectators can witness the lively energy of the shrine “commanders” while basking in the heated contest of body and will exhibited by the shrine bearers as they watch the unique and stimulating tradition. Before the battle of the mikoshi, these portable shrines will tour the city during the parade, with shrine bearers using their full strength to shake and awaken the divine spirits within the relics, praying for rich harvest and economic prosperity through their actions. After arriving at the venue, each team will carry out multiple clashes with their shrine; the vigorous nature of these confrontation easily ignites the passion of any onlookers as the ceremony continues!

According to the Department of Information and Tourism, EVA Air inaugurated chartered flights between Taiwan Taoyuan Airport in Taiwan and Matsuyama Airport in Japan on July 18, 2019. To attract Japanese tourist living in the surrounding of Matsuyama City and Ehime Province, Taipei City joined hands with EVA Air in holding a special commemorative event. For Japanese visitors who visit Taipei via this chartered flight, he or she will receive a special BRAVO commemorative face mask, as well as a chance at a raffle offering prizes such as 500,000 yen in cash, round trip tickets between Taiwan and Japan, and hotel vouchers. In addition, there is also a special buy-one-get-one-free package for accommodation. Customers who take advantage of this deal will receive an additional chance at a raffle for 100,000 yen. For more information, please visit the website: http://japan.travel.taipei

The Matsuyama Grand Mikoshi – Dogo Hachimachi Shrine-clashing and Blessing Ceremony will take part with a performance at Taipei City Hall starting 10 AM on November 3. To celebrate the five-year anniversary of friendship MOU and to strengthen the connection between citizens of the two cities, those who come to watch the show will have a chance to win the special prize of roundtrip tickets to Matsuyama! There is only space for 5 lucky winners, so don’t miss your chance!

Furthermore, to encourage citizens of one city to travel to the other city, the two municipalities will offer special souvenirs for arriving tourists. Until October 31, Taipei citizens who stop by Matsuyama can pick up a special gift set (consisting of tote bag, commemorative folder, tourist attraction discounts, and tourist pamphlet) at designated locations. Matsuyama citizens who visit Taipei before November 30 will receive a similar package consisting of limited Taipei canvas bag, Taipei Fun Pass, and postcards at selected destinations. Supplies are limited, so pick up the gifts while supply lasts!

The mikoshi-clashing ceremony of Japan’s Matsuyama City will take place in Taipei between November 1 and 3. A total of 3 teams comprising nearly 300 shrine bearers and staff members will take part in the contest with their respective portable shrines.

Event Info (Date/Venue):
  • 3 PM, Friday, November 1: MRT Xinbeitou Station
  • 10 AM, Saturday, November 2: MRT Xinbeitou Station
  • 5 PM, Saturday, November 2: Songshan Ciyou Temple Plaza
  • 10 AM, Sunday, November 3: Taipei City Hall
  • 3:30 PM, Sunday, November 3: MRT Xinbeitou Plaza