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2018 Yangmingshan Flower Festival: Celebrating 4 Decades of Flower Aesthetics

Yangmingshan Flower Festival features a wide variety of cherry blossomsCelebrating over 4 decades of history, the 2018 Yangmingshan Flower Festival will take place between February 23 and March 25.
As one of the most well-known floral festivities on the island, the Yangmingshan Flower Festival attracts over one million visitors from across Taiwan and abroad. In addition to the park’s long history, the flower festival itself also overlaps with the Lantern Festival of Chinese New Year. Given the emphasis of family reunion over the long holiday, many people choose to spend leisure time in the embrace of Mother Nature or conduct cherry blossom viewing in the mountains.
Decorating the Mountain Peak in Pink
Beautiful sceneries and fresh air are characteristics of the Yangmingshan Flower Festival, as well as blooming flowers and flowing creeks. If you are planning to visit Yangmingshan to enjoy the vibrant sea of blossoms, you should not miss out on classic tourist attractions such as the Flower Clock, fountain pool, cherry blossom creek area, statue of Wang Yangming, and the Azalea Garden. 
In addition to the cherry blossom trees, other plants are also waking up to the warmer weather, including camellia, indigenous Oldham’s Azalea, and Azalea. Describing them as the leading roles of the flower festival is quite accurate. Of course, the other support characters across the park in greens and buds also help to make the beauty of Mother Nature more pronounced to visitors.
Stage Shows and Exhibitions
For those who have an interest in exploring the different lion’s head used by lion dancers, visitors at the Yangmingshan Flower Festival can make a brief stop at the second floor of the Xinhai Guangfu Tower in Yangming Park. The World Lion Head Culture Exhibition displays a variety of lion head pieces, such as those used for Tibetan Snow Lion Dance, Hakka Lion Dance, and Japanese Lion Dance. Furthermore, lion decorations will be placed at various locations around the park to allow visitors to take photos with these cute beasts.
In addition to the exhibition, the organizers of the Yangmingshan Flower Festival will be holding several events, including the arrival of a mobile library truck in the afternoon of March 4, offering readers an opportunity to enjoy afternoon tea in the midst of blooming flowers.
In the morning of March 10, families are invited to take part in a group flower-painting event. Those who preregister for the event will receive a special gift. Art teachers will also attend the event to demonstrate their skills.
The climax of this year’s festival will take place on March 17 with the Flowers Carnival featuring a parade comprising local schools, communities, and NGO groups from the Yangmingshan neighborhood. A mountain-cleaning activity will follow the end of the parade, hoping to leave future visitors with a litter-free and enjoyable place to visit.
The 2018 Yangmingshan Flower Festival
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Cherry blossoms in full bloom