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Saturday Nights at Taipei Zoo: Guide to Extended Hour Activities

Schedule of 2018 Taipei Zoo Summer Camp “All-mighty Animal Caretaker” Saturday Events

Date/ Time July 21
All Mighty Animal Caretaker: “Observation”: False Gharial
July 28
All Mighty Animal Caretaker: “Artificial Nursing”: Armadillo
August 11
All Mighty Animal Caretaker: “Attention to Details”: Taipei Grass Frog
August 18
All Mighty Animal Caretaker: “Judgement”: Eurasian Otter
August 25
All Mighty Animal Caretaker: “Compassion”: African Wild Donkey
1700 – 1730 Promotion of Conservation Education Promotion of Conservation Education Owl Children’s Musical Troupe Promotion of Conservation Education WIND Music: Ocarina A-Zhi
1730 – 1745 Animal Dance Sing-along Part 1
1745 – 1815 All Mighty Animal Caretaker: Finding 5 Crocodiles in Seconds All Mighty Animal Caretaker: The Most Powerful Nannies on Earth All Mighty Animal Caretaker: Each Grain is the Result of Farmer’s Toiling All Mighty Animal Caretaker: Are the Babies Alright? All Mighty Animal Caretaker: You Understand How I feel
1815 – 1845 WIND Music: Fann Indigenous Music and Dance Performance Wildlife Protection Theater Wildlife Protection Theater Wildlife Protection Theater
1845 – 1900 Animal Dance Sing-along Part 2
1900 – 1930 Animal Storybook Reading: Krokodil und Giraffe warten auf Weihnachten Animal Storybook Reading: The Sleepy Armadillo: The Story of Litoudian Animal Storybook Reading: City Dog, Country Frog Animal Storybook Reading: Otter Finds a New Home Animal Storybook Reading: The Gorilla’s Bakery Shop
1930 – 2030 Ecology Movie “Ambition Showcase”: Elephant Fable Ecology Movie “Ambition Showcase”: Life Story: First Steps Ecology Movie “Ambition Showcase”: Returning Kingfisher Ecology Movie “National Geographic Channel”: Sumatran Rhino Ecology Movie “National Geographic Channel”: Jane Goodall
  • In the case of emergencies, the organizers reserve the rights to alter, change or suspend the activity. For any details not covered, the organizers retain the right to make supplementary announcements based on its discretion at any time in accordance to related regulations or explanations. 

Special “Keeper’s Talk” scheduled for extended hours on Saturday evenings during the summer months.
Note: All those who attend the entire “Keeper’s Talk” program and join the related Facebook fan page will receive an animal-themed badge!
Date Venue Spotlighted Animal Time
July 21 Asian Tropical Rainforest Area False Gharial 1900 – 1915
July 28 Formosan Animal Area (Conservation Walkway) Armadillo 1900 – 1915
August 11 Amphibian and Reptile House Taipei Grass Frog 1900 – 1915
August 18 Formosan Animal Area Eurasian Otter 1900 – 1915
August 25 Desert Animal Area African Wild Donkey 1900 – 1915

All-mighty Animal Caretaker Event-related Information
Registration Time: 1700 – 1730
Registration Venue: Wildlife Conservation Market Service Counter (the first tent on the left side of the main stage)
Method of Registration: On site with limited openings
Competition Categories: Elementary School; Middle and High School; Adults
Extended Hours during Summer Months
Taipei Zoo will remain open on Saturday evenings until 2100.
July: 7, 14, 21, and 28
August: 4, 11, 18, and 25
Night Tickets: NT$30
Time Available: 1600 – 2000 (EasyCard accepted)
Admission Direction: For use after 1600. Visitors must enter from the Main Gate Plaza. During night hours, the Taipei Zoo South Station of the Maokong Gondola will remain closed and the onsite ticket booth will stop selling tickets at 1600.
Education Center and Zoo Train: Free from 1630 onwards.
Accessible Zoo Areas during Night Hours:
  • Main Gate Plaza
  • Panda House (Open till 1810)
  • Insectarium (Last admission at 2050)
  • Formosan Animal Area (Please keep quiet when entering the area)
  • Education Center (Last admission at 2030)
  • Children’s Zoo (Please keep quiet when entering the area)
  • Koala House (Please keep quiet when entering the area)
  • Amphibian and Reptile House (Please keep quiet when entering the area; last admission at 2045)
  • Zoo Train – Main Station Stop and Bird World Stop
  • Walkway from the Main Gate Plaza up to the slope leading to the Temperate Zone Area.  
Crowd Flow and Restrictions
  • Zoo Train: Hours is extended to 2100. The train is free after 1630.
    • Trains only stop at Main Stop and Bird World Stop. Visitors can drop by the Amphibian and Reptile House.
      1. Last Train from Main Stop to Bird World Stop: 2030
      2. Last Train from Bird World Stop to Main Stop: 2100
    • Services between Bird World Stop and Taipei Zoo South Stop
      1. Last Train from Bird World to Taipei Zoo South: 1640
      2. Last Train from Taipei Zoo South to Bird World: 1600
  • The main walkway remains open, but guests are not allowed to enter closed zoo areas.
  • Guests will be required to evacuate zoo areas that are closed during night hours at 1700.
  • Guests will be required to evacuate from zoo areas that remain open during night hours at 2100.
Shops and Rental Facilities:
  1. Last rental time for Baby strollers and wheelchairs: 2000.
  2. Shops at Main Gate Plaza and Amphibian and Reptile House will remain open up through 2100.
  3. Shop at Insectarium will remain open until 2100.
  4. Vendors along the main walkway will remain open until 1800.
  5. Shops at Panda House will remain open until 1810.
Nighttime Wildlife Conservation Marketplace
A nighttime marketplace will be established inside the zoo during the extended hours in summer, offering DIY lessons, creative merchandise, interactive games, and more! The participants with booths include:
  • Taipei Zoo (July 7 – August 25)
  • National Museum of Natural Science (July 21, August 18)
  • National Museum of Marine Science and Technology (August 18)
  • Endemic Species Research Institute (July 14)
  • Wenshan District Parents and Children Center (July 7, August 4, August 11)
  • Zhongzheng District Parents and Children Center (August 4)
  • Wanhua District Parents and Children Center (July 21)
  • Taipei Zoological Foundation (July 7 – August 25)
  • Association of Friends of Taipei Zoo (July 7, August 25)
  • Taiwan Cetacean Society (July 7, July 14, August 11)
  • Wild Bird Society of Taipei Zhishan Management Office (July 7, July 28, August 18)
  • The Butterfly Conservation Society of Taiwan (July 7 – August 25)
  • Society for Wildlife and Nature (July 7, 14, 21, August 4, 11, 25)
  • Water Resources Agency, MOEA (August 25)
  • Taipei Water Management Office (August 4)
  • Department of Health, Taipei City Government (August 25)
  • Firefly Conservation Association of ROC (July 7 – August 25)
  • WildOne Wildlife Conservation Association (July 7 – August 25)
  • Bat Conservation Society of Taipei (July 7, August 4, August 11)
  • Bat Association of Taiwan (July 28, August 11)
  • Wear long sleeves and apply mosquito repellents as preventive measures against insects.
  • Do not enter closed zoo areas.
  • No smoking allowed at the zoo. Violators may face fines up to NT$10,000.
  • No bicycle, pets, balloons, children’s tricycles, skateboards, and rollerblades allowed inside the zoo.
  • Do not feed zoo animals.
  • Do not chase after or throw things at zoo animals.
  • No actions harming animals or violating animal rights will be tolerated.
  • No actions disturbing or interfering with other individual’s right to enjoy his or her visit at the zoo will be tolerated.

Saturday Nights at Taipei Zoo
Guide to Extended Hour Activities