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Autonomous Limitless experimentation: This is the Essence of the Fringe

Autonomous Limitless experimentation: This is the Essence of the FringeThe Fringe is a non-juried egalitarian arts festival targeted at new and experimental artists. Every summer, alternative performances full of creative energy are staged at historic temples, Dadaocheng Yacht, coffeehouses and youth hostels. As a fan of performing arts, this is a feast that you can't afford to miss!
This year, the 9th Annual Taipei Fringe Festival will take place between August 6 and August 28. A total of 159 artists from around the world will stage a total of 582 performances around Taipei. The Fringe will present itself indoors and outdoors, in professional theatres and at living spaces, on the earth and over the river, and even in mobile venues in addition to immobile ones. While difficulties remain in appropriating the traditional grassroots approach that the Fringe favors to a metropolis setting, the Fringe strives to build a large viewership and dismantle the barriers between audience and performer. In additional to the classic forms of dance, drama and music performance, this year we see a dramatic increase in all kinds of cross-disciplinary work. In addition to mixed-media, performances will feature experimental elements of technology, installations, and electricity. Nothing is beyond the scope of the Fringe. Free your mind and reset your expectations, we promise you it won't be a disappointing experience!
The 9th Taipei Fringe Festival
Date: August 6 – August 28
Website: http://eng.taipeifringe.org/index.aspx