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2018 Taipei Literature Festival: Boarding the Train of Literature

The Taipei Literature Festival is an annual event held during the spring season.
It is one of the major literature-related activities for Taipei City. Combining local literature resources such as independent bookstores, the event organizers schedule activities such as seminars, reading sessions, books showcases, movie sessions, and literature-themed exhibitions. Hopefully, the event will create special literary essence and tourism spotlight for Taipei which is unique from other cities, to demonstrate Taipei’s unique literature landscape and potentials.Taipei Literature Festival book exhibition Taipei Literature Festival guided tour
This year’s Taipei Literature Festival will take place between March 4 and June 14. A series of related activities – reading events, themed exhibition, showcase of selected books at Taipei Public Library, literature-related film screenings – has been organizeed based on the theme “Those Taking the Literature Line, Please Board at this Station.” Through seminars, read-travel, and hands-on experience, the organizers seek to bring readers onto the stage of the literature festival.
Looking back upon the two decades of history of Taipei Literature Award, featured exhibitions will take place at Zhongshan Hall’s Guangfu auditorium – one spotlighting local works winning literature awards dating back to the Japanese Colonial Era and another showcasing the works on Taipei selected from collections across all branch libraries of Taipei City Library. The film showcase includes documentary film on Bob Dylan and classical movies of Japanese writer Yukio Mishima.