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2017 Taipei Fringe Festival: Observing the Realization of Innovation in Urban Spaces

An elaborate collaboration of up and coming artists is just around the corner!

The 2017 Taipei Fringe Festival will take place between August 20 and September 10. Celebrating its tenth anniversary, this year’s event will consist of 153 sessions of exciting performances at venues spanning theatres, historical sites, beer factories, temples, Blue Highway, coffee shops, social housings, and more!

In addition to performers from Taiwan, the audience will also notice the participation of groups from countries such as Macau, Hong Kong, Japan, and New Zealand throughout the festival. These international friends will being all types of performances to the local audience, including theater, music, dance, plays, comedies, experimental music, and art installations to kick-off the celebrations for the tenth birthday of Taipei Fringe Festival.

During the festival period between August 20 and September 10, the headquarters of Taipei Fringe Festival “Fringe Club” will open to the public and offer free admission. The facility is located on the second floor of Guling Street Avant-Garde Theatre.

Furthermore, there are also nightly broadcast by performance groups, no-holds-barred commentary by critics in related fields, and numerous seminars and workshops throughout the festival period! Fun activities will take place on a daily basis, and the organizers welcome individuals interested in performing arts to drop by and chat.

The Fringe Festival has its origins in Edinburgh, UK. Focusing on the independent spirit of fringe and non-mainstream performances, it has seen growing popularity over the past 70 years. Today, over 210 cities around the world have joined the ranks of fringe festival organizers, making the event one of the most popular performing art events in the world.

The 2017 Taipei Fringe Festival

Date: August 20 – September 10
Website: http://eng.taipeifringe.org/


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