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Ignite the Ultimate Flame of Religious Art:2018 Baosheng Cultural Festival

Baosheng Cultural FestivalFolk religion and temple affairs in Taiwan have always been a reflection of the people’s beliefs, emotions and culture. However, a temple-related event that is able to incorporate elements of aesthetics, performance, arts and humanities into the emotions and culture, and transform them into a diverse and rich religious level would have to be “Baosheng Cultural Festival”.
Every year, the “Baosheng Cultural Festival” brings the public new surprise and awe. This year, in addition to a series of events such as the Baosheng Dadi Birthday Sanxian (literally means three offerings) Ceremony (the diety’s birthday ceremony), the Family Surnames Opera plays widely popular among fans, and the scholarship and academic seminars, the organizers reintroduced the Deities’ Parade after a 3-year break. The parade has seen a large turnout of spectators in Datong District. Tens of Deities’ Parade groups displayed lively and enthusthiastic parade performances, recreating the traditional temple affairs scene and the headline piece of Baosheng Dadi Deities’ Parade.
The 2018 “Baosheng Cultural Festival” will begin on Friday, April 20. For two consecutive months, the festival will bring a series of activities in religion, theatrical performances, arts, health, academics, and events spotlighting many themes. The magnificent religious events will all take place at Taipei Baoan Temple. We welcome you to join us to feel the excitement of the religious event and bring home the blessings of Baosheng Dadi.
Featured Events of 2018 Baosheng Cultural Festival
4/21 Opening Ceremony (Folk Theater-Family Surnames Folk Opera) 19:00-21:30
The Gong-striking Opening Ceremony shall be held amist a dazzling fireworks show. Honorable guests and the Chairperson of Baoan Temple Liao Wu-Jyh shall strike the gong respectively to announce the beginning of the Baosheng Cultural Festival. The traditional ceremonial “Family Surnames Folk Opera” performances will immediately follow the opening ceremony.
4/20-5/13 Folk Theater-Family Surnsmes Folk Opera Series
Daily: 19:00-21:30 (See the Performance Schedule of Family Surnames Folk Opera Series for the detail of each performance)
For continuation of the old tradition of worship practice expressing gratitude to the patron diety, Baoan Temple is dedicated to supporting local opera performance and grass-roots folklore arts over a long period of time, so as to preserve the local cultures and values of Taiwan. Taipei Baoan Temple forms a judging panel to select outstanding Taiwanese opera troupes, Beiguan troupes and hand puppet show troupes. The goal is to lay a strong foundation for the development of culture.
4/22 Painting Competition 09:00-14:00
To encourage fine arts education and creativity, we will hold a painting competition for participants across five age levels: kindergarten, junior (Grades 1-2), intermediate (Grades 3-4), and senior grades (Grades 5-6) of primary school; and junior high school. The theme for the competition covers the architectural arts and festivities of Baoan Temple, and the competition can offer contestants the chance to appreciate the beauty in the architecture of Baoan Temple.
4/28 Baosheng Dadi’s Birthday Celebration Feast 11:00-12:00
The feasts held in honor of the patron diety usually take place during large-scale festivities and Deity’s birthday celebrations, where solemn banquets are held to show gratitude to the Deities’ blessings and pray for peace and comfort. The grand celebration banquet offers five kinds of sacrifices, twelve dishes, thirty-six desserts, six types of teas and delicacies from land and sea, highlighted by fruit and vegetable carvings. All the dainties are meticulously and fastidiously arranged to demonstrate the sincerity of offering the “grand Chinese feast” (man han quan xi) and its artistic value.
4/29 Folklore Performances / Deities’ Parade
Folklore Performances 10:00-12:00 
Deities’ Parade 12:30-18:00
The day before Baosheng Dadi’s birthday celebrations, a grand Deities’ Parade will be held to welcome Baosheng Dadi and praise the holy powers of the patron diety. The majestic and grand parade will travel a distance of several kilometers, with believers burning incense and praying for blessings along the way, bringing joy and excitement everywhere it touches. The Deities’ Parade will be preceded by folkloristic arts performances around the nation to bringing township arts into the city and take a trip down memory lane to past glories of temple affairs.
4/29 Fire Lion Fireworks Display 19:00-20:00
The Baoan Temple’s Fire Lion Fireworks Display (fang huoshi) is the combination of an impressive display of beehive firecrackers and traditional paper arts. It will take place at night following the yizhen performances. After the 21-gun salute, tens of thousands of beehive firecrackers will be ignited, brightening the night and turning the sky into an explosion of colors. This bursting and banging fireworks display are believed to be able to ward off evil and diseases. It is also reminiscent of the air of hustle and bustle at temple festivals in the old days.
4/30 Three Consecrations in Celebration of Baosheng Dadi’s Sacred Date of Birth 08:00-09:00
Baosheng Dadi’s date of birth falls on the 15th day of the third lunar month. On this day, the Baoan Temple will carry out the sanxian ritual, where three kinds of offerings are served. This ritual kicks off after the “three dignified drumbeats” (santonggu), followed by the welcoming of the deity (yingshen), incense offering, and the singing of “Ode to Baosheng Dadi” (Baosheng Dadi lingyingzan) by the Baoan Temple Choir. Then come the first offering and the recital of prayers. After the second and the third offerings are made, people will practice wangliao by burning the offerings and watching the rising smoke, which symbolizes the conveyance of wishes and gratitude to the deity. The solemn ceremony is a blend of Confucianism and Taoism, as it features both the Siyi dance (a four-row Confucian dance for paying tribute to Confucius) and the sanxian practice. The Baoan Temple is the place where the practice of worshipping Baosheng Dadi is best preserved.
4/30 Guohuo (Fire-walking) 14:00 (estimated)
“Guohuo” is an important cleansing ceremony in Taiwan’s folk religion. The process is a demonstration of holy blessings of Baosheng Dadi. The red-hot charcoals are spread into a fire dragon about ten meters long. The team will carry God’s statues and palanquins, with flags in their hands, and run across the red fire dragon barefoot. With the exclamations of awe from the audience and the smoke filled atmosphere, you will witness the demonstration of courage and strength in faith.
5/5 Birth Registry Matron’s Birthday Celebration Ceremony 09:00-20:00
The 20th day of the 3rd lunar month is Birth Registry Matron’s sacred date of birth. Parents with children are welcomed to visit Taipei Baoan Temple, where they can offer incense to pray for children’s health.
5/5 Seminar on Religious Beliefs 14:30-16:30
The Dalongdong area has a flourishing cultural tradition. Many inhabitants have long been Taoist worshippers. This tradition is vanishing quickly due to the passing of time and the relocating of inhabitants. In response to this issue, the Baoan Temple will hold a seminar, inviting folk experts to deliver lectures on the intrinsic parts of local religious beliefs.
5/6 Baoan Temple Scholarship Award Ceremony 10:00-12:00
During the birthday of Baosheng Dadi each year, Taipei Baoan Temple grants scholarships to students with high academic achievement and integrity, or those from low income families.
5/6 Free Healthcare and Medical Consultation 09:00-15:00
In line with Baosheng Dadi’s dedication to saving patients and helping people in need and to encourage the public to live a healthy lifestyle, the Baoan Temple will provide free healthcare services. During the session, doctors and nurses will offer free check-ups and health consultation services.
5/8 Heavenly Holy Mothers Birthday Celebration Ceremony 09:00-12:00
The 23rd day of the 3rd lunar month is the Heavenly Holy Mother’s sacred date of birth. All worshippers are welcomed to visit Baoan Temple for the ritual ceremony.
5/20 Guided Tour of Historic Site (I) 10:00-12:00   (II) 14:00-16:00
The Baoan Temple will be offering guided tours for visitors to gain a better understanding of the architectural characteristics and historic value of the centuries-old Class 2 national historic monument. During the tours, scholars and experts will share their rich knowledge while giving lively explanations. The topics range from the development of the Dalongdong area, the establishment and building style of the temple, the worship of deities, and to the cultural artifacts. Tour participants will encounter the beauty of the Baoan Temple by exploring its past, present, and experience an impressive historic site tour.
5/20 Yunzhong Choir’s Performance 14:00-16:00
Members of Yunzhong Choir of Taipei Baoan Temple gather together because of their passion for a chorus. Hidden in every note they sing during each of their performances is “love” and “affection,” both of which are what they expect the audiences to feel.
5/26-5/29 Baoan Temple Art Exhibition 09:00-17:00
At the Baoan Temple Art Exhibition, award-winning paintings and photos, as well as the flower arrangement work by our art classes, will be on display. The exhibition is aims to showcase the mix of fine arts and temple culture.
6/9 Shennong Dadis Birthday Celebration Ceremony / Deities’ Parade
Shennong Dadi’s Birthday Celebration Ceremony 08:00-09:00
Deities’ Parade 13:00-16:00
On the day of Shennong Dadi’s Birthday Celebration Ritual, the Three Consecrations ceremony will be held in the morning and the deities’ parade will be held in the afternoon to ward off evil spirits and quell disasters along the way.
6/30 Baoan Temple Healthcare Contribution Awards Ceremony and Concert - Physicians Chamber Orchestra of Taiwan (PCOT) Performance 14:00-16:00
The “Healthcare Contribution Award” is meant to commemorate and promote Baosheng Dadi’s devotion to healthcare as the god of medicine and to encourage primary care physicians – especially the Taiwanese and foreign doctors who offer medical services to rural areas which lack resources. The award is also given to medical groups or organizations to recognize the contributions of doctors or organizations in healthcare.
10/28 Symposium on Religious Beliefs 09:00-17:30
The seminar focuses on the development of Taoism and folk religions in Taiwan. The “Taoism and folk religion classics and practice academic seminar” invites scholars to submit their work to be compiled into a publication for the reference of academia and society.

Program of 2018 Baosheng Cultural Festival
Date Lunar Date Day of week Program Time
4/21 3/6 Saturday Opening Ceremony 19:00-21:30
4/20~5/13 3/5~3/28   Folk Theater-Family surnames folk opera series 19:00-21:30
4/22 3/7 Sunday Painting Competition 09:00-14:00
4/28 3/13 Saturday Baosheng Dadi’s Birthday Celebration Feast 11:00-12:00
4/29 3/14 Sunday Folklore Performances
Deities’ Parade
Fire Lion Fireworks Display
4/30 3/15 Monday Three Consecrations in Celebration of Baosheng Dadi’s Sacred Date of Birth
Guohuo (fire-walking)
14:00-14:30 (estimated)
5/5 3/20 Saturday Birth Registry Matron’s Birthday Celebration Ceremony
Seminar on Religious Beliefs
5/6 3/21 Sunday Scholarship Award Ceremony
Free Healthcare and Medical
5/8 3/23 Tuesday Heavenly Holy Mother’s Birthday Ceremony 09:00-12:00
5/20 4/6 Sunday Guided Tour of Historic Sites-Ⅰ
Guided Tour of Historic Sites-Ⅱ
Yunzhong Choir’s Performance 14:00-16:00
5/26~5/29 4/12~4/15 Saturday - Tuesday Baoan Temple Art Exhibition 09:00-17:00
6/9 4/26 Saturday Shennong Dadi’s Birthday Celebration Ceremony
Deities’ Parade
6/15 5/2 Friday Ritual in Celebration of Baosheng Dadi’s Ascension
Birthday Celebration Feast
6/30 5/17 Saturday Baoan Temple Healthcare Contribution Awards Ceremony and Concert - Physician’s Chamber Orchestra of Taiwan (PCOT) Performance 14:00-16:00
10/28 9/20 Sunday Symposium on religious beliefs 09:00-17:30
Performance Schedule of Family Surnames Folk Opera Series for 2018 Baosheng Cultural Festival
Date Lunar Date Day of week Performed by Event / Title of Act Time
4/20 3/5 Friday Ming-Chu Girls' Taiwanese Opera Troupe Dew On Earth 19:00-21:30
4/21 3/6 Saturday Holo Taiwanese Opera Troupe
(Opening Ceremony)
Hai Rui Beats Tiger 19:00-21:30
4/22 3/7 Sunday Hong Ming Opera Troupe Magistrate Kills the Official 19:00-21:30
4/23 3/8 Monday Ming Hwa Yuan Huang Zi Arts and Cultural Group Legends of Heroes in Sui and Tang Dynasties
(Lin Yong-Yu God Praising Play)
4/24 3/9 Tuesday Hongsheng Taiwanese Opera Troupe Jigong (The reincarnated buddha) and Little Dragon Girl 19:00-21:30
4/25 3/10 Wednesday Shiu-Kim Taiwanese Opera Troupe Love Between Husband and Wife 19:00-21:30
4/26 3/11 Thursday Shiu-Kim Taiwanese Opera Troupe Five Way Wealth God On Earth 19:00-21:30
4/27 3/12 Friday Lanyang Opera Troupe Four Seasons 19:00-21:30
4/28 3/13 Saturday Lanyang Opera Troupe Wrong Marriage 19:00-21:30
4/29 3/14 Sunday Fire Lion Fireworks Display (fang huoshi).
No folk performances on this day.
4/30 3/15 Monday Shintrun Taiwanese Opera Troupe Dual Pagoda Tree 19:00-21:30
5/1 3/16 Tuesday Chen Meiyun Taiwanese Opera Troupe Head Exchange 19:00-21:30
5/2 3/17 Wednesday Sheng Ping Puppet Troupe Daytime: Yang Yanzhao Tames Two Generals
Nighttime: General Zhang Gueifan
Day 14:00-16:30
Night 19:00-21:30
5/3 3/18 Thursday Chen Hsi-Huang Traditional Puppet Troupe Daytime: Through Three Passes Privately
Nighttime: Nanyang Pass
Day 14:00-16:30
Night 19:00-21:30
5/4 3/19 Friday Wu Yuan Workshop Hu Lioshi 19:00-21:30
5/5 3/20 Saturday Taipei City Yongle Elementary School Taiwanese Opera Troupe Tale of the Vendor 19:00-21:30
5/6 3/21 Sunday Dep. of Taiwanese Opera, National Taiwan College of Performing Arts-High School Accidental Mishaps 19:00-21:30
5/7 3/22 Monday Dep. of Taiwanese Opera, National Taiwan College of Performing Arts-University Eight Gods Kill a Dragon 19:00-21:30
5/8 3/23 Tuesday Baoan Temple Teachers’ Taiwanese Opera Troupe Five Daughters Celebrates Father’s 60th Birthday 19:00-21:30
5/9 3/24 Wednesday Dadaocheng Youth Taiwanese Opera, Taipei City Arts Promotion Office Flower Field Mistakes 19:00-21:30
5/10 3/25 Thursday Holo Taiwanese Opera Troupe Dadaocheng Legend 19:00-21:30
5/11 3/26 Friday Siau-Jing-Zhi Taiwanese Opera Troupe A Trial for Goddess
5/12 3/27 Saturday Chen Li Xiang Taiwanese Opera Troupe Bao Gong Meets the Emperor’s Mother 19:00-21:30
5/13 3/28 Sunday Hanyang Beiguan Troupe Daytime: Tianshui Pass
Nighttime: Tale of the Iron Board
(A Thank-Deity Play by the Wu Family)
Night 19:00-21:30

Venue: The Yard of Taipei Baoan Temple
Time: Day 14:00 - 16:30 / Night 19:00-21:30
[Supervising Agencies] Ministry of Culture; Taipei City Government  
[Planning / Execution]  Taipei Baoan Temple; Department of Civil Affairs, Taipei City Government;
Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government; Department of
Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government
[Host] Taipei Baoan Temple
About Dalongdong Baoan Temple
Status: National Historic Monument
Main deity: Baosheng Dadi (Dadaogong, Wu Zhenren)
Address: No. 61, Hami St., Datong Dist., Taipei City
Telephone: (02) 2595-1676
Website: www.baoan.org.tw
E-mail: service@baoan.org.tw
Bus: Red 33, 2, 41, 246, 288, 669 (Dalongdong Baoan Temple Stop or Kulun Street Stop)
223, 250, 302, 601 (Jioquan Street Stop)
MRT: Tamsui-Xinyi Line Yuanshan Station (Kulun Street Exit), then a 10-min walk to destination

Baosheng Cultural Festival