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2017 CKS Shilin Residence Chrysanthemum Show

2017 CKS Shilin Residence Chrysanthemum ShowThe annual Shilin Residence Chrysanthemum Show will soon open to the public in the Shilin Residence Park! 

The cool and pleasant weather will be suitable for an afternoon outing with family members. The park is located next to the beautiful Yangmingshan, and the show integrates elements of humanities, history, architecture, and ecology. These elements will merge with marigold and model chrysanthemum and celebrate the birth of former president Chiang Kai-Shek. 

The theme of this year’s Shilin Residence Chrysanthemum Show is "The Gathering of Chrysanthemum Stars".  The show fuses chrysanthemum and cinema arts.  The merging of vivid and colorful flowers creates a visual feast for visitors. 

In addition, the event will also showcase nearly 100 varieties of the flower and the "Da-Li Chrysanthemum". Each spectacular Da-Li Chrysanthemum, consisting of over one thousand buds, takes two years to cultivate. 

The 2017 Shilin Residence Chrysanthemum Show will take place from November 25 through December 10.  The show captures the memorable scene from classic movies and décor with chrysanthemums and flowers. 

There will be various culture and art performances throughout the period of the festival. Taipei City sincerely invites everyone to come and bask in the floral sea at the Taipei Chrysanthemum Show. 

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