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Fashion Night Market: 2017 Night Market Festival

Fashion Night Market: 2017 Night Market FestivalTo promote Taipei’s wide selection of night market delicacies and snacks, Taipei City Government Department of Economic Development (DOED) and Market Administration Office (MAO) are holding the 2017 Taipei Night Market Festival from today through Monday, August 31!


Taipei City is known for its wide selection of night markets. To promote these great places for eating out, the Night Market Festival invites everyone to come explore the fine foods and cuisines available at these lively venues through a series of both online and onsite promotions.


The opening press conference for the event featured Mayor Ko Wen-je appearing on stage with both Bravo – the mascot of the upcoming 2017 Summer Universiade – and Ningxia Street Night Market mascot Yes Bear.


The fame of Taipei’s night market food is known to foreign visitors, attracting tourists from around the world to come and visit. This year, the seventh Taipei Nigh Market Festival will span eight major city night markets, including Ningxia Street Night Market, Shuangcheng Street Night Market, Yansan Night Market, Liaoning Street Night Market, Huaxi Street Night Market, Wuzhou Street Night Market, Linjiang Street Night Market, and Guangzhou Street Night Market.


As the climax of this year’s event, a concert will be held at Guangzhou Street Night Market on August 5! The event will feature performers chosen by popular vote on the Facebook fan page of DOED.


Furthermore, individuals who visit Guangzhou Street Night Market on the day of the concert and follow the instructions on DOED’s Facebook fan page will have a chance to become 1 of the 8 lucky people to bring home night market vouchers!


Finally, lucky winners will be chosen from among the pool of contestants taking part in the “Top 10 Night Market Entrees and Satisfaction Survey” online activity to receive top prizes such as Gogoro scooter, Zenfone, night market vouchers, and more. The final list of winners will be published on Monday, August 7.


For more information on the 2017 Taipei Night Market Festival, please visit the Chinese Facebook fan page of DOED: (www.facebook.com/doed.taipei/).


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