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2019 IT Month: Experience Tech, Services with Smart City Monopoly

Exhibition period:December 4 - December 8, 2019
Venue:Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center

Smart Taipei – Great for Quality Living

The 2019 IT Month will take place between December 4 and 8 at Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center. This year, the theme of Taipei City Government’s pavilion is Smart Taipei – Great for Quality Living, showcasing different technologies and solutions across 6 major sections and 13 innovative service exhibition area. Furthermore, the entire pavilion is shaped after the image of a Monopoly game board. Visitors can stop by each station at the pavilion to collect stamps and exchange completed stamp sheet for souvenirs.

Taipei City has received worldwide acclaim for its achievement in smart city implementation. The city was ranked 16th on the list of Top 50 Smart City Governments published by Singapore’s Eden Strategy Institute. It was also selected as number 7 among 102 competitors on the IMD Smart City Index 2019 unveiled by the IMD World Competitiveness Center’s Smart City Observatory. We invite members of the public to come and experience the technologies that won Taipei these honors.

To allow visitors to learn more about the applications, technologies and their respective potentials under smart city development, the city government invited its private sector partners and affiliated agencies to showcase their achievements at the pavilion. The 6 major sections of the pavilion include: smart social housing; smart innovation; smart payment; smart security; smart government, and smart traffic. We invite the public to visit our booths and obtain hands-on experience with services and technologies helping to make Taipei smarter.

For example, at the smart social housing showcase, visitors can utilize VR technology to take a glimpse at the interior of a sample housing unit, as well to personally experience range of diversified applications of new technologies and how they make day-to-day life of citizens more convenient and safer under Taipei’s smart city initiative.

For this year’s event, the city government has designed the pavilion to reflect a Monopoly game board. When a visitor enters the pavilion, he or she can follow the directions shown on the floor to experience different kinds of new technology and services. Furthermore, individuals who follow the lead of the directions and complete their point collection will receive a small Taipei Pavilion souvenir.

In addition, people who subscribe to the LINE account of the organizer (LINE@「智慧臺北 宜居共好」) during IT Month can gain access to online guide of the pavilion via one of the application’s function to learn more about the service/technology they are experiencing at the venue.

So why miss out this opportunity to get free hands-on experience of the latest smart city services offered by the city government? Come visit us at the Taipei City Government Pavilion (Booth Code: B512) at IT Month for a glimpse of Taipei’s smart city vision!