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2017 Taipei Children’s Arts Festival

2017 Taipei Children’s Arts FestivalAfter 18 years of accompanying the children of Taipei City through summer vacation, the 2017 Children’s Arts Festival will spotlight the theme of “Beyond Boundaries.” The event this year will take place between June 30 and August 6.

Outstanding performances for children not only attract the attention of kids, but also offer wonderful pastime for parents accompanying their children. In addition to local performance troupes, the organizers of this year’s event have also invited international teams to stage outstanding spectacles. Furthermore, there are also several free outdoor shows as well as community activities and display of interactive sets to bring the arts closer to our daily life.

Bank SinoPac has helped sponsor the Children’s Arts Festival for 10 years, supporting over 1,900 events and activity sessions.

At The End Of Everything ElseTickets go on sale on Saturday, June 10. The tickets of international performances are available at brick-and-mortar ticket booths of the NTCH Ticketing System. Domestic tickets can be acquired either through physical ticket booths or online. More information on ticketed program is available at the website of the 2017 Children’s Arts Festival.

Domestic Performance Groups Challenge New Innovations

This year, the spotlight focuses on several performance teams which take advantage on creativity and innovation across different aspects, whether puppetry, dance, or illumination technology. The use of these means to narrate stories encourages the viewers to ponder upon the theme.

This year, three domestic performance groups will showcase three brand new productions before the audience: “Super Power,” “Great Grandfather’s Treasure,” and “Luceo.”

Spotlight on International Performance Groups

The international teams taking part in this year’s Children’s Arts Festival hail from countries around the world including France, Spain, Denmark, the UK, Belgium, Austria, Zimbabwe, and the US. These wonderful troupes will meet up in Taipei during summer to bring friends young and old windows to the globe!

They include Make Mend and Do Theater from the UK, Aracaladanza Company from Spain, Manual Cinema from the US, Szene Bunte Wahne from Austria, IYASA Company from Zimbabwe, Teatret Vaerk from Denmark, and d’irque & fien from Belgium.

Finally, for those who cannot make it to the theater, the organizers will also hold events at local communities as a way for performing arts to reach out to the public right in their neighborhood. Residents can expect a total of 67 free performances across the city – as well as five large-scale shows – which will be free of charge for attendees.

For more information, please visit the website of the 2017 Taipei Children’s Arts Festival: http://www.taipeicaf.org/  

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