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When Two Lips Touch: the 2019 Shilin Residence Tulip Show

February 21 – March 3, 2019
Do you still remember the beautiful sea of tulips at the Shilin Residence back in 2018? In response to public demand, the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) will be holding the 2019 Shilin Residence Tulip Show between February 21 and March 3!
In addition to showcasing tulips from Holland, new tulips hailing from Tonami City in Japan’s Toyama Prefecture will debut at the event, bringing flower enthusiasts a colorful landscape comprising elements from both East and West!
According to Deputy Mayor Pong Cheng-sheng, the area of the tulip showcase has further expanded: in addition to the western garden, the organizers have also set up exhibition areas in the open meadows. A total of 70,000 tulips at the residence is expected to treat visitors to a dazzling visual spectacle.
Peng remarked that tulips can be found all the way from central Asia to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. While Turkey was known for major efforts in cultivating tulips, the flowers has already spread to the Netherlands in the 15th century. Tulip bulbs were then introduced to Japan roughly 150 years ago.
PSLO Director Huang Li-yuan noted that the tulips at the exhibition comprise roughly 20 different colors, including red, yellow, pink, purple, white, orange, black, and bi-color specimens. Visitors can also expect to see over 2,000 hyacinths at the residence, including peach, purplish blue, yellow, and punk variants.
The tulips and other flowers are arranged into floriculture works spanning Dutch windmills, wooden shoes, Eiffel Tower, and other landmarks, as well as the cute mascots of Japan’s Tonami Tulip Park.
Chief Ho of the Horticulture Management Division pointed out that in addition to stationary displays, the organizers is also holding a photo competition on the Facebook fan page of the event. Participants will have a chance to bring home great prizes, including weekday buffet vouchers of Renaissance Taipei Shihlin Hotel; US beef meal at Grassland Mongolian Hot Pot; meal at Guanye Wentsai Hot Pot; salad serving at Skylark Restaurant; Oolong tea gift set from Grand Hotel; and Kanken Classic backpack.
To participate, simply visit the Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/2016chshow/) and leave a photo of yourself with one of the exhibition areas of the Tulip Show under the designated posting section of the page for a chance at the raffle!
For the latest news and updates on the activity, please visit the aforementioned Facebook fan page.
2019 Shilin Residence Tulip Show
Date: Feb. 21 – March 3
Time: 8 AM – 7 PM
The Shilin Residence is a 7-minute walk from Exit 2 of MRT Shilin Station.