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2016 Beitou Tankan Festival Kicks-off in January

2016 Beitou Tankan Festival Kicks-off in JanuaryCome and enjoy the fresh harvest of Tankan in Beitou District! The 2016 Beitou Tankan Festival is taking place in Beitou and will last until April 24. The four-month-long event features various activities both at the site and online. Those taking part in the photo contest organized by the Beitou District Office will have a chance winning a set of poker cards based on 52 scenes across Beitou. The “Beitou 52 Scenes Cards Set” allows the public to learn more about the district.

Furthermore, the organizers will also arrange various tankan-related exhibitions and classes, as well as six tour routes and tankan-picking activities. Don’t miss out on tankan-related fun!

Activity Details

The theme of the 2016 Beitou Tankan Festival is “Fifty-two Scenes of Beitou – Have You Hunted for Treasures?” The organizers selected 52 scenic spots across the district and highlighted four aspects – historical sites and buildings; nature and ecology; cultural spots; and temples with local characteristics. Participants who take part in the photo competition will have a chance at winning vouchers and their photos displayed at an upcoming exhibition at the Beitou Public Assembly Hall, in addition to the opportunity of bringing home the Beitou 52 scenes poker card set.

tankan marketTo promote the festival, the organizer designed a unique “tankan dance.” Individuals participating in the “Tankan dance class” to learn the dance will receive a “Beitou 52 scenes” EasyCard after the class. Also, the Beitou Public Assembly Hall will be holding a series of art exhibitions during this period, including “The Tankan World of Chang Hsiu-tsu” and “In Awe of Beitou – Wang Chien-chieh Water Painting Exhibition.” Additional DIY classes will also be available for the public on the following days:
- Jan. 31: Sweetheart Chocolate Gift Set, Zodiac Tissue Pack, and Wishing Bottle
- Feb. 21: Painted Tangerine Lamp

Free tours covering six routes will be available for visitors to sign every Saturday between February 27 and March 13. Participants will have a chance to enjoy customized tours based on the following themes: History of Qilian, Beitou Old Street Yanzi Trail; Shaman Hot Spring Sites; Cherry Blossom Viewing at Shibafen Waterway; Gandoumen Art; and Tour of Guandu Temple Architecture. Registration is available via the official activity website. For those who desire a taste of freshly-tankan-themed activitypicked tankan, they can make reservations with partner farms in the district to enjoy these treats of nature.

The main stage event will take place at the Beitou Park on January 23 and 24. The organizers have invited local farmers and businesses to set up booth at the limited-time “Tankan Market.” There will also be stage performances, games, and the appearance of Tankan mascots to herald a season of sweetness this winter.

For more information, please visit the official Chinese website at: http://beitou-arts.btdo.taipei/