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Lin An-tai Historical House

Lin An-tai Historical House
Lin An-tai Historical House was dismantled in August 1978 to give way to the expanded Dunhua S. Road. In 1984 it was reconstructed within the premises of Binjiang Park. Though not luxuriously decorated, Lin An-tai Historical House is a magnificent piece of art. The selection of construction materials and admirable craftsmanship showed how master artisans attended to details. With skillful hands they laid the corner stones, the red bricks and the stone window frames. The finishes of the pillars and bluestone thresholds, and the relievos on doors and windows demonstrate first-rate craftsmanship. This is truly one of Taipei's most delicately built residences. The fact that most of the materials came from Fujian adds historical significance to its artistic value.

Location: 5, Binjiang Rd., Taipei