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Jiantan Temple

Jiantan Temple
The north side of Jiantan and the south side of Jiantan Mountain is a serene place. Jiantan Temple is the oldest temple in Taipei. Legend has it that the temple was built as early as the Ming dynasty, and worshiped Gwanyin. Later, it was renamed “Sacred Temple of the West”. During the Qing Dynasty (in the 56th year of the Emperor Qianlong’s rule), the temple underwent reconstruction and renamed once more to “Jiantan Temple” because it is located beside Jiantan. The current temple houses numerous historic treasures, such as Gwanyin statues, stone statues of fertility Gwanyin, statues of the Eighteen Disciple Guardians, antique censers, double dragon columns, grand estrades, etc.

Location: 6, Lane 805, Beian Rd., Taipei, Taiwan