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Dahu Park



Dahu Park is located on section 5, Chenggong Rd., its coutern bank resting against Pailu Mountain (143 meters above sea level). Dahu is a natural lake which covers an area of 132,202 square meters.

Bus: B10, 110, R2, 247, 267, 278, 284, 617, 620, 630, Dahu Park Stop
MRT: MRT Dahu Park Station

On July 1 1968, "Neihu Township, Taipei County" was placed under the jurisdiction of Taipei City and became "Neihu District". Until 1974, construction was prohibited in the entire district. In February 1976, the City Government announced a development plan for Neihu's Dahu Li. Then in February 1978, Nei Gou Hsiao Keng and Wu Fen (both are part of Hsin Li Tsu) were designated as the first areas to be developed during the first phase of the city development plan. Following this, large-scale construction projects were carried out and numerous residential buildings sprang up "like bamboo shoots after the spring rains." At the end of December 1974, the population of Neihu District was 51,369. However, by the end of 2003, the population had grown to 259,210. The main reason for this rapid growth is Neihu's superior living environment which includes natural resources such as rivers, lakes, and mountains.