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Dihua Street & Shopping Festival

1. Dihua Street
Section 1 of Dihua Street, south of Taipei Bridge is the go-to place for all of your Lunar New Year shopping. This street is part of the historic Dadaocheng area, an early commercial and trading center of the city as far back as the late Qing period. In addition to New Year's supplies, there are a number of stores here selling tea, Chinese medicinal herbs, and wholesale cloth. The street has also lovingly preserved its old world charms over the years.

2. Shopping Festival
The Taipei New Year Shopping Festival annually attracts a million shoppers loading up on goodies for the Lunar New Year festivities. Traditional New Year foods, Chinese herbal medicines, clothes, fabric and other seasonal items are high on the shopping list. The festival encompasses several specialty shopping areas, including Dihua Street, Ningxia Street, Huayin Street, Taipei Metro Mall, and the area behind Taipei Main Station. In addition to convenience of one-stop shopping, the festival offers a great opportunity to experience the energy and good spirits of the holiday season in Taipei. (extracted from http://www.travel.taipei/en/)
Add: Sec. 1 Dihua St. (between Nanjing W. Rd. and Guisui St.), intersection of Ganahou St. and Baoan St., and around the ChaoYang Park, Gangu St., and Nanjing W. Rd.
Bus: No. 9, 274, 641, or 704 to the First Theater Stop
MRT: From Shuanglian Station walk about 20 minutes.