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Nangang Tea Production Demonstration Facility

Tea Production PlantThe soil quality of Nangang area was good in the Japan-colonization period, which resulted in the fine quality of the Baozhong tea produced here. The tea plantation had once covered 300 hectares. After World War II the colliery business took large of the labor resources so the tea business in this area was suspended. Later on, Taipei City Government started to enhance infrastructure in the mountainous area in 1978, improved the traffic conditions of the Jiuzhuang area, and helped to retore tea production. The tea gardens were formally established 1982 before Baozhung tea of Nangang regained fame. The Nangang Tea Production Demonstration Facility was founded in Jiuzhuang area covering 2.9 hectares in 1991. The facility comprises production machines area, tea evaluation room, exhibition room, presentation room, and oudoor display platforms.