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Caodianwei Temple of Land Deity - Cihfu Temple

Cihfu Temple

Cihfu Temple

Add: No. 26, Lane 829, Sec. 4, Bade Rd., Taipei City
According to legend, Songshan (Sikou) used to be a carp cave, and the head of the carp lied at Caodianwei, where Cihfu Temple is located. The inscription on the stele in front of the temple says: “Caodianwei lies atop the carp cave; it occupies a crucial terrain and benefits from the vigor of the cave. Hence, it can bless the residents….” Ordinarily, land deities wear a millionaire’s hat, whereas the land deity of Cihfu Temple wears an official’s hat, which symbolizes that one of the local people succeeded in the imperial examination and took an official position. The land deity, therefore, also shared the glory by having his hat upgraded.