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Beitou Hot Springs Museum

Beitou Hot Springs Museum
  Beitou Hot Spring Bathhouse was built in the 2nd year of Emperor Dazheng during the Japanese rule (1913). It was a duplicate of the hot spring bathhouses of Shizuokaken Idouyama in Japan, built by the Taipei City Government. On the first floor, there were large and small hot spring pools and on the second floor, there was a watchtower, built with wooden shingles. The bathhouse was then run by the health department of the Taipei City Government.
 After Taiwan was returned to the Republic of China, the bathhouse was opened to the public and its name was changed to "Zhongshan Hall." It was also used as a hostel by the Taipei County Council. On the second floor, panes of glass were set up on the four sides of the watchtower and the building became an enclosed one.
 This building was built with bricks, wood, steel rods and concrete. Its roof has a vent to improve ventilation. The whole building resembles a British countryside villa with an elegant appearance that fits into the Beitou Park to form part of it. In recent years, the building's original look has been restored and the building has been transformed into a hot spring museum open to the public.

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