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Dadaocheng Wharf

Located near the No. 5 Water Gate on the banks of the Tamsui River, Dadaocheng Wharf thrived in earlier years as an entrepot for trade along the river. Tea, cotton and silk textiles were among the main products bought and sold here, attracting trading companies from across the western world. Dadaocheng's fortunes as a trading center went into decline during the Japanese colonial era. In recent years, however, this area has experienced a revival as a tourism destination, bicycling spot, and departure point for boat tours along the Tamsui River. 

Tel: 886-2-2558-5519, 2618-2226~9
Opening Times: Four boat departures daily on weekends; Weekday service for groups with advance appointment or for 10 or more individual passengers. Departure times are affected by river tides so please call ahead for updated service schedules.
1. Bus: Take the No. 9, 206, 274, 641, 669, or 704 to Dadaocheng Wharf; or the 255, 518, or 539 to the intersection of Minsheng W. Rd. and then follow Minsheng W. Rd. towards the river (about 10 minutes on foot) 2. MRT: From MRT Shuanglian Station take the Bus Red 33 to Dadaocheng Wharf.