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Dalongdong Baoan Temple

Baoan Temple was originally funded by four local clans; the Wangs donated the land and the Chens, Changs, Tsais offered their support. These major clans were often associated with the businesses of 44 kans (shops). As for Baoan Temple’s sphere of worship, it covered the following three areas: Township One: Dalongdong, Huwei, Beitou. Township Two: He-shang zhou, Sanchong pu, Xinzhuang. Township Three: Dadaocheng.
There were three worshipping activities in a year: Baosheng Emperor’s date of birth (the 15th day of the third lunar month), date of ascension (the 2nd day of the fifth lunar month), and Ghost Festival (the 10th –12th day of the seventh lunar month). It was customary for residents of all three townships to take turns funding the events. To celebrate Baosheng Emperor’s birthday, the Tung-an clans would sponsor folk theater opera performances. These “surname series” ran from the 5th to the 28th of the third lunar month; the Chang clan would take the first show and the Wu clan would take the last. One can tell that Chang clan was the most powerful of all, and an old local saying goes: “Dalongdong’s Changs, Gala’s Yangs.”
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