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Taipei Confucius Temple

Confucius is one of the greatest men in Chinese history and temples dedicated to Confucius are a symbol of Chinese Confucian culture.
The origins of Taipei Confucius Temple can be traced to 1875 when the Qing dynasty established Taipei as a prefecture city for Northern Taiwan. In 1879, construction began in Taipei City, including the literary and martial temples. In 1925 Chen Pei-Ken, Koo Hsien-Jung and others advocated reconstructing the Taipei Confucius Temple atDalongdong, the layout and configuration of which was based on the traditional Confucian temple to project its ritual construction. The main compound along the axial line was planned to be constructed on a magnificent scale, from the south to the north in sequence as Wanren Gongqiang, Pan Pond, Lingxing Gate, Yi Gate, Dacheng Hall, and Chongsheng Shrine. The Minglun Hall is mainly used for studying and artistic activities such as assemblies, lectures, scripture readings and calligraphy. 
Add: No.275, Dalong St., Datong District, Taipei City 103
Web: https://english.tct.gov.taipei/Default.aspx
Tel: 886-2-2592-3934