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Tangshan Immigrant - Siahai Chenghuang Temple

Siahai Chenghuang Temple

Siahai Chenghuang Temple

Add: No. 439, Sec. 4, Bade Rd., Taipei City
Although this Siahai Chenghuang Temple is not as famous as the one in Dadaocheng, it is also quite well-known. According to legend, a man of Siadian Township, Tongan County, came to Taiwan with the city god’s statue from his township at the end of the Ching Dynasty. He settled down in Sikou and married a local woman. The city god, which was enshrined in his wife’s house, had answered many people’s prayers and thus had gained more and more devout believers. After this immigrant from Tangshan (China) died, his wife generously offered the god’s statue to homeless people. The residents were so touched by her devotion that they raised funds to build this Siahai Chenghuang Temple in 1908.