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What qualifications are required to join the ambulance volunteer?

1.Nationals of the Republic of China who are over the age of 18 and under the age of 45 with physical health.

2.Those who possess the qualification certificate of Junior Ambulance Technician (EMT1).

3.Those who have not participated in other volunteers or civil defense organizations.

4.High school (above) school graduation or equivalent.

5.With enthusiasm to help people and aspirations to serve, and willing to participate in rescue and related workers in spare time.

6.Those who have not received a sentence of fixed-term imprisonment or above or judged by a judge who has been given a punishment, but who committed a crime due to negligence are not limited to this (please attach a police criminal record certificate).

7.Those who have never participated in the recruitment training and interview of this Council, or those who have participated but were not eliminated by this Council.