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How to ignite firecrackers and fireworks safely?

Even with the quality of the firecrackers and fireworks assured, they may cause disastrous accident if not used with care. Hence, the following should be followed to ensure the safety of oneself and the others: 1. Firecrackers and fireworks should be set off by following the product instructions, except for handheld fireworks. 2. Firecrackers and fireworks should be ignited with an incense stick. Igniting with a matchstick or lighter can easily burn your hand. 3. Handheld fireworks should be ignited one at a time. Do not ignite a bunch of them as it will cause them to be lighted too fast, burning the hand. 4. Fireworks should be set off from a stationary location. Do not set them off at an angle or towards people. Hands should be outstretched to ignite the fireworks, and do not put your head near the firework opening to check whether or not it has been lighted, as it may easily cause an accident. 5. After igniting the fireworks, keep a safe distance to avoid being injured from the explosion. 6. After setting off the fireworks, the embers should be put out and cleaned up to avoid leading to disasters. 7. Party poppers and ribbon sprays should not be used together as party poppers contain explosives and ribbon spray contain flammable gas, and may cause fire spurting if used at the same time. 8. Fireworks should be set off during appropriate times to avoid disturbing others.