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What are the things to note before using gas? What are the measures to take when the gas pipeline leaks?

I. Things to note when using gas: Note whether there is any unpleasant odor. Turn on the gas after ensuring there is no gas leak. Make sure there is good ventilation. If you suspect there is a gas piping (pipeline) leak, do not ignite a match or lighter to test. You should test for leakage by using soap foam, or with the following methods: 1. Smell: gas used at home has odorant added, which gives off an unpleasant smell during a gas leak. 2. Sight: when gas leaks, clouds of white smoke will form in the atmosphere. 3. Hearing: there will be a hissing sound. 4. Touch: when the hand is put near the leaking hole, there will be a cold sensation. II. Measures to take: 1.Turn off the gas immediately. 2.Do not switch on or off any electrical appliances. 3.Gently open all doors and windows and escape from the house.