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Is an ambulance run chargeable?

1.Not required in principle

2.Starting from December 8, 101, 119 ambulances designated for the crowd or family members to be sent to "the city's "non-" emergency hospitals" and those who "have not "goed to the emergency room for injury registration"will be charged. After review, it was determined that the person who abused the 119ambulance was about to send a payment note after the fact, and the payment was 1,800 TWD.

3.Cerebral stroke, myocardial infraction, unconscious, coma, major trauma patients should dial 119 as soon as possible, and will not be charged any fee.

4.For the timing and charging system of ambulances, please refer to the fire department website: https://www.119.gov.taipei/Path: Home>Business Services>Emergency Ambulance>The timing and charging system of ambulance