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Could drivers who give way to fire engines or ambulances request the Fire Department to provide information on duty or dispatch in order to cancel any relevant traffic fines?

1.Supporting information can be provided.
2.If a passer-by is reported to the ambulance due to courtesy, he can first appeal to the penalizing unit. After the penalizing unit or the administrative litigation tribunal of the local court visits the Fire Department of the text, the relevant supporting materials can be confirmed to confirm that there is no violation. Revocation of traffic suspension. If the public is photographed by the fixed red light camera at the intersection because of the courtesy of the ambulance and has not received the ticket, they can call the bureau to report it. If it is confirmed that the ambulance of the bureau passed the road section at that time, the bureau will send a letter to the police department of the local government for traffic The brigade assisted in revoking the report after finding out. (Please contact 27297668 ext. 6416.