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Outside Donations

 Q1. Which department at Haoran handles donations? Can I make a donation during non office hours?
 A. Donations from outside sources are jointly handled by the Social Work Section. The staff member on duty will handle the donations made during non office hours, and send them to the Social Work Section for follow-up processing.

 Q2: What are the donation items?
 A: You can donate funds (including money or checks), food, artifacts (suitable for elderly citizens, such as diapers for adults and wheelchairs. This does not apply to donated clothing), or public bonds and negotiable securities, such as stocks.

 Q3. How do I make the donation?
 A. You can give the donations in person or donate through postal remittance. Haoran’s postal account is: 19167140. If you wish to make donations of material resources, please call beforehand to find out if the artifacts are needed at Haoran. 

 Q4. Can I designate what my donations are used for?
 A. Donations to Haoran are used for the following purposes:
 1. Welfare service funds;
 2. Medical service funds;
 3. Menu enrichment;
 4. Pensions;
 5. Funds for maintaining and purchasing new facilities;

 ※If the donor does not specify the purpose of donation, the donation money will be used for the general welfare of Haoran’s residents. The donor can designate what the donation money is used for.