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What are the eligibility criteria of the loan interest subsidy for the disabled to purchase a parking space?

(1)Household registry of and actually living in Taipei

(2)Holding the physical and mental disabled certificate issued (replaced) or annotated by Taipei City Government.

(3)Low-Income households, Low and Medium Income households or those who take the supplement of living expenses for physical or mental disabled

(4)The owner of the vehicle and possesses a valid driver’s license of the same kind of car.

(5)Already purchasing a parking space, which is located within the jurisdiction of Taipei City

(6)Not accepting any homogeneous government’s subsidy or loan for purchasing a parking space

(7)Not accepting subsidy for renting a parking space, and allowance for physical and mental disabled in Taipei City.

(8)The subsidy for parking space for every applicant is limited to one place

(9)This subsidy not subsidizing those who buy a parking space by using fiduciary loan