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Quarantine Hotels FAQ

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Quarantine Hotels FAQ
Q1. How many quarantine hotels are currently available? 
A1. For the quaratine hotel list, please find the link for your reference. 【Click】
Q2. Upon entering Taiwan, do the quarantine hotels offer airport pickup or drop off service?
A2. Start from 00:00 on June 15, 2022 (incoming flight's scheduled arrival time in Taiwan),  besides taking quarantine taxis, arrivals can get a ride from their friends, relatives, companies or organizations, and epidemic prevention measures for quarantine vehicles as well as other prevention protocols should be followed.
Q3. Can people leave their rooms when staying in the quarantine hotel? How many days do they need to stay in the hotel?
A3. Start from 00:00 on June 15, 2022 (incoming flight's scheduled arrival time in Taiwan), an arrival should observe the rule of one person per residence in his or her quarantine location or stay in a quarantine hotel; in principle, the arrival should undergo the three-day quarantine and four-day self-initiated epidemic prevention in the same location. Furthermore, in consideration of shared living arrangements for migrant workers, fishermen, and students and their higher risk of cluster infection, the regulatory authority of the respective business will ask such individuals to complete the self-initiated epidemic prevention period in their quarantine location and not to attend classes, work, or go out unless necessary during the period.
Q4. What is the contact information of quarantine hotels?
A4. For the further contact information, please dial +886-2-2381-8251 for Foreign Affairs Division, Taipei City Police Department.