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How do you control air Beitou Refuse Incineration Plant?

Each incinerator in our plant is installed with nitrogen oxide removal equipment, semi-dry scrubber and bag filter dust collector, which can effectively remove air pollutants in combustion waste gas. Waste gas monitoring instruments are also installed at the exits of exhausts, to 24-hour monitor the incinerators. The monitoring data would be sent to control center directly. Our staffs would monitor the waste gas emission condition and adjust relevant parameters to optimize the combustion and amount of waste gas treatment chemical. The important air pollutant index values (hydrogen chloride, nitrogen oxides, oxysulfides and opacity) are connected to the billboards in our administrative building’s lobby, the entrance gate and the intersection of Chongde Rd and No. 13 Road, and linked to environmental competent authority. Therefore, people can know the waste gas emission condition in our incinerator.