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What are the dioxin control technologies of your incinerator?

The dioxin control technology of our incinerator:
The temperature of incinerator’s combustion chambers, the concentration of carbon monoxide and the inlet waste gas temperature at dust collector would all effect the dioxin emission concentration. Theoretically, the higher the temperature of incinerator’s combustion chambers, the lower of carbon monoxide concentration; the lower the inlet waste gas temperature at dust collector, the lower the dioxin emission concentration.
According to reference literatures (see note), to decrease the generation of dioxin in the waste gas of incinerators, the following measures can be taken:
(1) Complete combustion: Mix the garbage well; make burning retention time longer than 1.5 sec.; make CO concentration lower than 70ppm, higher concentration may indicate massive dioxin generation.
(2) Burning temperature: The burning temperature shall be at least 600~650℃. In the temperature above, the dioxin decomposition reaction is faster than generation. When the temperature reaches 900~1000℃, dioxin would be destroyed completely.
(3) Oxygen concentration: When the oxygen concentration is lower than 3.5% or higher than 9%, dioxin would be generated. The dioxin generation under high oxygen could be caused by burning temperature drop due to excess oxygen. Generally, in a well-designed combustion system, the amount of dioxin generation is the lowest when dry oxygen concentration is 5.0%~7.0%.
(4) Our actual operation range is as the following:

Item Our actual operation range
Temperature of incinerator’s combustion chambers The burning temperature is 850~1050
Gas retention time The retention time of waste gas is longer than 2 sec.
CO concentration CO concentration is 15~40ppm
Oxygen concentration 9~10%
Inlet waste gas temperature at dust collector The bag filter dust collector is operated at about 160

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