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Why is the “1999 Citizen Hotline” managed by the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission (RDEC)?

On July 3, 2007 Taipei City Government started the optimizing of the “1999 Citizen Hotline,” formally “1999 Call Center” under the Secretariat, thus a comprehensive upgrade and renewal was undertaken on hardware, service premises, personnel training, and so on. Moreover, in order to strengthen the operation, management and evaluation of the “1999 Citizen Hotline,” it was re-named and re-assigned to the RDEC. Accordingly, 1999 Hotline Management Division was established under the RDEC to take charge all matters regarding the Hotline, including policy and planning, SOP management, promotion and marketing, statistics and analysis, education and training, etc. The Division continues to provide quality inquiry services that meet citizen’s needs, integrate various service accesses of Taipei City Government into one dial to increase convenience for the public.