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What are the limitations on those who bring animals into stations or trains?

1. Animals brought into stations or trains should be kept in pet boxes, pet strollers, small cages, or small containers which do not exceed 55cm in length, 45cm in width, and 40cm in height. The container should be assembled properly to ensure no leakage of urine or feces. The head, tail, and limbs of the animals may not be exposed outside of the confines of the container. Each ticket-bearing passenger may only bring one container. However, this regulation does not apply to police canines, certificated guide dogs accompanying disabled passengers, and young guide dogs being trained by certified professionals.
The above stipulations regarding animal carriages allowed on the Taipei Metro are on display at all stations. Under special circumstances, the Taipei Metro may prohibit the act of bringing animals into stations or trains during certain periods or within certain areas.
2. With the exclusion of pet birds, all other domesticated birds and poultry (such as chicken, duck, geese, turkey, quail, ostrich, etc.) may not be brought into Taipei Metro Stations
3. Passengers with pet strollers shall abide by the Notice for Passengers Travelling with Pet Strollers:
(1) During weekends and holidays, passengers with large-sized pet strollers (of which the sum of the length, width, and height is between 176 cm and 210 cm) may enter/exit from 26 stations between Tamsui Station and Xiangshan Station (excluding Taipei Main Station and Daan Station) on the Tamsui-Xinyi Line with a Single-Journey Ticket for Pet Strollers. The ticket costs NT$80 for one trip of unlimited distance for a single passenger and pet stroller. Service staff shall guide the passenger to enter and exit the station through the Group Ticket/One-day Pass Entrance/Exit.
(2) Passengers with small and medium-sized pet strollers (the sum of the length, width, and height is less than 175 cm) may travel by metro as per carry-on luggage regulations and may enter/exit from any station during service hours without having to purchase the Single-Journey Ticket for Pet Strollers.