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How should the suspension of a driver's license due to violation points be handled?

  1. Within a year, if a driver's license accumulates 12 violation points, the driver's license will be suspended for two months, and the driver shall be required to take road traffic safety lessons.
  2. If the license is not surrendered by the specified time according to the judgment, the suspension period will be increased to four months. If the driver's license is still not surrendered, it will be revoked.
  3.  According to Paragraph 2 of Article 68 of the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act, motor drivers holding a motor vehicle driving license, except when driving vehicles not of their license category such as tractor-trailers, buses, and trucks, who violate the provisions of this Act and the Regulations Governing Road Traffic Safety and are subject to having their driver's license suspended due to an offense that does not result in causing injury or serious injury to others, will have 5 violation points recorded. However, if within a year the total violation points reach 6 or more, or there is another instance where the driver's license should be suspended, the suspension of the driver's license will proceed according to the original provisions for suspension under this Act.