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Kicking Off Festival Lohas Beitou 2018

Kicking Off Festival Lohas Beitou 2018While you may have heard of Michelin’s restaurant rating system, do you know the Michelin Green Guides, which grade tourist attractions? Beitou, famed for its unique hot springs, scenic natural environment, and rich cultural landscape, is selected by the Michelin Green Guide as a three-star must-see destination.
This spring, Beitou District Office invites the public to join in the fun of Festival Lohas Beitou 2018, which is slated for March 27 – May 20. The festival features “spring retro feast,” providing visitors with a chance to experience Beitou’s unique old-world charm.
A wide range of activities will be presented, ranging from Taiwanese film showings, role play games with challenging levels, exhibitions, and a children’s theatre show. A grand LOHAS-themed event will take place at Qixing Park on April 14, featuring professional performances and various fair stands.
2018 also marks the 30th anniversary of the last Tamsui train service, which had once boosted local economy and linked Beitou to downtown Taipei. A related exhibition will be held at Beitou Public Assembly Hall.
Festival Lohas Beitou 2018 is suitable for all ages—young and old. Take time to explore what the Michelin-starred spot has to offer! For more information, visit Beitou District Office website or Beitou Public Assembly Hall website.