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TPEDOIT, DTTA Holds Workshop for Potential Hotel Workers

City hall joins hand with DTTA to organize the workshop for workers in the hospitality sectorWith the easing of travel restrictions as the pandemic subsides, Taiwan has now officially entered the post-pandemic era and reopened its doors to tourists abroad.


With the fading out of quarantine hotels and transitions within Taipei’s hospitality industry to accommodate the new style of travel, the Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) joined hands with the Dream Travel Taiwan Association (DTTA) to organize a workshop exploring the transition among hotels and accommodations. Experts from the government, industry, and academia presided over the workshop to share their views and experiences with the attendees. 


To revitalize the tourism industry, TPEDOIT targeted five themes at the workshop – “Sustainability and Low Carbon Emission,” “Muslim-friendly,” “Digital and Smart,” and “Innovative Marketing.” Five workshop sessions have been conducted since the early October, attracting over hundreds of industry workers to its three-day curriculum. 


Commissioner Liu Yi-ting of TPEDOIT remarked that the city government is tackling the issue of reducing carbon emission by ratifying the Taipei City Zero Carbon Emission Management Self-government Ordinances in June. This set of regulations codify zero carbon emission management, making Taipei the first municipality in Taiwan to integrate Net Zero into municipal bylaw. 


To reinvigorate the city’s tourism industry and boost the language capabilities of hotel personnel, this year’s program also invited foreign tour guides to instruct the participants in topics spanning promotion of Taiwan’s attractions to interactions with international tourists. Other themes covered include hotel’s digitization and hardware updates, big data and NFT applications for the tourism industry, hotel hygiene and safety, and brand marketing.