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Grass Mountain Guest House Reopens

The city government held a reopening ceremony for the Grass Mountain Royal Guest House on December 29. To celebrate this special occasion, Mayor Hau Lung-bin announced that there will be no admission fee for visitors until March 31, 2012. According to the mayor, the Grass Mountain Royal Guest House (also known as the Grass Mountain Chateau) is the first residence of Chiang Kai-shek when he arrived in Taiwan. Even after the completion of the Shilin Presidential Residence, the former president would stay at the guest house during the summer seasons. He added that the building has witnessed the making of numerous policies and hosted important meetings, making it an edifice with important historical values. He believes that the reopening of the guest house will be a plus for the city’s tourism industries. The Guest House was constructed during the Japanese colonial era as a recreational facility for the Taiwan Sugar Joint-stock Company (Taiwan Seito Kabushiki Kaisha) and was one of the lodgings for then-Crown Prince Hirohito during his visit to Taiwan. The building burned down during a fire in 2007, and has undergone thorough repair and restoration since then. The Department of Information and Tourism will be combining the upcoming Yangmingshan Flower Festival and trips to the exhibitions at the Shilin Presidential Residence into a comprehensive tour, providing tourists another option when they visit Taipei City.